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05.09.11 - EmploymentCrossing

EmploymentCrossing break the myth of fear of another recession, finds over 80,000 jobs in US

Pasadena, CA, September 1, 2011 - According to the ADP National Employment Report, private non-farm employers supplemented 91,000 jobs to their payrolls in August. This has said to have brought the to... mehr

12.08.11 - EmploymentCrossing

EmploymentCrossing improves the US labor market, finds over 500,000 jobs.

Pasadena, CA, August 11, 2011: It had been really hard to see improvement in the labor market in the last few months. The jobless rate, in July, was reported at 9.1 percent, in the United States. Th... mehr

20.06.11 - EmploymentCrossing

E-Verify bill touted as solution to solve America’s unemployment problem, EmploymentCrossing finds 390,000 jobs.

Pasadena, CA, June 17, 2011 – Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) has come up with a bill that he and his supporters are saying is a big step towards solving the nation’s unemployment problem. Lamar Smith... mehr

06.06.11 - EmploymentCrossing

ADP predicts 38,000 new jobs in May, EmploymentCrossing finds 146,000 jobs.

Pasadena, CA, June 3, 2011 – ADP’s latest monthly jobs report reveals that the private nonfarm sector added a net total of only 38,000 new jobs in May. Small and medium sized businesses kept addi... mehr

23.05.11 - EmploymentCrossing

U.S. initial unemployment claims drop 69,000, EmploymentCrossing finds 350,000 jobs nationwide.

Pasadena, CA, May 20, 2011 – Initial jobless claims came down to 409,000 for the week ending May 14. This represents a decline of 69,000 from the week ending April 30, when the total stood at 478,00... mehr

07.05.11 - EmploymentCrossing

U.S. initial unemployment claims at 8-month high, EmploymentCrossing finds 300,000 jobs nationwide.

Pasadena, CA, May 6, 2011 – The initial jobless claims hit an 8-month high for the week ending April 30. The new jobless claims stood at 474,000. This is an increase of over 10 percent compared to t... mehr

02.05.11 - EmploymentCrossing

First Time Jobless Claims Climb To Three Month High,Employmentcrossing Finds 415,000 Job Openings.

Pasadena, CA, April 29, 2011 – The first time applications for unemployment benefits went up last week for the third straight week and hit a three-month high. There were 429,000 initial claims for... mehr

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