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EffectiveSoft Launches OroCRM Services

EffectiveSoft has added a new service to its list of enterprise software services. EffectiveSoft specialists boast many years of experience in helping customers to rise to the challenge of dealing with CRM solutions. Now they can help organizations in the adapting OroCRM to their needs. OroCRM provides a technology-driven avenue through which an organization can manage and analyze customer interactions. It gives an organization full control over the way it manages

Effectivesoft Affirms Playbook Will Show More Of Its Potential

EffectiveSoft believes PlayBook hasn’t yet revealed all of its potential, therefore the software services provider goes on actively studying it and developing software for this platform. EffectiveSoft company was among the first custom software vendors to deliver professional design and development services on the basis of Blackberry Tablet OS in the first half of the year 2011. BB Tablet OS applications are designed and developed for the first device

EffectiveSoft releases Summarizer plug-in for Internet Explorer

EffectiveSoft unveils Intellexer IE Summarizer plug-in, a software tool that generates a summary of any web page in English and extracts concepts from the source text. This is a pilot prototype of the existing software product, Intellexer Summarizer, which entered the market in 2007. Intellexer IE Summarizer is a web-oriented program, presenting interface for web pages summarization and analysis. Intellexer IE Summarizer brings improved functionality and new features based on

Make the most of Google search with IE Related Facts by EffectiveSoft

Minsk, Belarus - R&D department of EffectiveSoft unveils Related Facts IE plug-in for Google search. Now your search results will be supplemented with interesting and significant facts selected with Related Facts. It chooses 5 main themes and complements them with related facts, making search results more structured and extended. It also provides users with the most important facts, related to their requests. The core of Related Facts plug-in is Intellexer SDK -

EffectiveSoft contributes to iOS 5 application development

Minsk, Belarus – EffectiveSoft keeps pace with the latest updates and enhancements of Apple iOS. The company announces new trends in iPhone application development due to recently released iOS 5. EffectiveSoft mobile programmers leverage the benefits of the most advanced mobile operating system in order to provide tech-savvy customers with amazing iOS 5 applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Using an updated SDK kit with more than

EffectiveSoft rolls out an updated 3.5 version of Intellexer Summarizer

EffectiveSoft Software Company is proud to release a new 3.5 version of Intellexer Summarizer, an award-winning desktop software for summarizing large documents, web pages or emails. Intellexer Summarizer creates annotations or precise summaries of different documents and texts. Users can generate theme-oriented and concept-oriented summaries quickly and easily. The 3.5 version of this desktop semantic software includes IE9 support and an updated Intellexer SDK. New in Intellexer Summarizer 3.5: • Enhanced Intellexer Summarizer

Take Advantages of BlackBerry Playbook Apps Development Services by EffectiveSof …

Minsk, Belarus – EffectiveSoft company is reported to provide application development for RIM BlackBerry Playbook Tablet. Expert team of BlackBerry developers and Java programmers help offshore clients to make the most of the BlackBerry Smartphone. BlackBerry developers of EffectiveSoft deliver featured social networking, business, sport and other web applications running Tablet OS. Mobile development department of EffectiveSoft has solid experience in BlackBerry mobile development and now they proceed

EffectiveSoft extends MeeGo development services for MeeGo 1.1 version

Minsk, Belarus – EffectiveSoft mobile development company is actively involved in software development across MeeGo 1.1 platform. Being among pioneers to explore the code of generic MeeGo 1.1 and new functionality, EffectiveSoft begins to create MeeGo 1.1 applications and cross platform solutions. MeeGo developers from EffectiveSoft have strong technical background to offer end-to-end consulting, development and integration services catering to customers worldwide. Leveraging cutting-edge MeeGo technologies and development methodologies the

Big sale: Get Intellexer Summarizer and Categorizer with 50 % discount

Minsk, Belarus –EffectiveSoft Company announces a 50 % discount on its desktop software tools for experts - Intellexer Summarizer and Categorizer. This is limited time offer: it is possible to buy Intellexer Summarizer, Summarizer Pro and Categorizer at half price only until the end of 2010. Intellexer Summarizer and Categorizer are semantic solutions intended for knowledge retrieval and data management. Categorizer will automatically organize a large amount of text files,

EffectiveSoft acquires beta version of iOS 4.2

Minsk, Belarus - EffectiveSoft company is pleased to proceed to application development for recently announced Apple’s iOS 4.2 beta. With more than 2 years of iPhone development experience EffectiveSoft brings exciting ideas to software design for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and ensures top quality of product development and testing. And since iOS 4.2 beta has been made available for developers, EffectiveSoft begins to acquire this version

EffectiveSoft made its iPhone game East Indian Tycoon available on iTunes App St …

Minsk, Belarus - EffectiveSoft, Ltd. now announces its free iPhone game East Indian Tycoon is live on iTunes App store. The iPhone game came out strong for players, it is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and it requires iOS 3 or later versions. Game amateurs can download the game from iTunes App store and enjoy easy to use interface, improved game controls, rich graphic design and interactive

EffectiveSoft to offer Application Development Services for BlackBerry OS 6.0

Minsk, Belarus – EffectiveSoft software company is extending its software development services and this time for the latest BlackBerry platform. EffectiveSoft has been one of the pioneers on the IT market to offer the Blackberry-based development services since the time the BlackBerry brand started to gain its popularity. Among the most requested solutions are business applications and sophisticated web-based systems, and smartphone themes. No matter what type of business need it

EffectiveSoft launches development for devices running iOS 4 and updates iPhone …

Minsk, Belarus – EffectiveSoft software firm announces the update of iPhone development approach and offers application development services for revolutionary Apple’s iPhone 4. EffectiveSoft’s iPhone programmers have mastered innovative iOS 4 as soon as new iPhone 4 SDK beta is released. Using development tools as Objective-C and the Cocoa Touch framework they deliver A to Z iPhone application development services from mere concept to complete solutions. Newly announced Apple’s

EffectiveSoft acquires Android development niche and delivers Android mobile dev …

Minsk, Belarus – EffectiveSoft software company occupies Android 2.2 development niche and begins to provide custom Android 2.2 application development. Google has recently released new Android 2.2 Froyo platform for the Android SDK with API changes and new features: Flash 10.1 and AIR Support, Push Messaging, Microsoft Exchange Support and many other improvements. EffectiveSoft keeps an eye on innovative Android technologies and development tools to offer the most demanded

Semantic team of EffectiveSoft experts presents a result of semantic analysis of …

Minsk, Belarus - The Eurovision Song Contest held is Oslo in 2010 has drawn the attention of EffectiveSoft’s research and semantic laboratory. Being inspired by the joyful and inflammatory atmosphere of the Eurovision Song Contest, semantic experts of EffectiveSoft company applied their scientific knowledge and skills to accomplish a semantic analysis of lyrics presented by the Eurovision contestants. Intellexer Summarizer, developed in EffectiveSoft, was chosen as a tool for semantic research and

EffectiveSoft Company Released Intellexer™ Summarizer 3.0

EffectiveSoft Ltd., an offshore software development company, released a new version of Intellexer Summarizer. Intellexer Summarizer is a desktop application which analyzes text, defines its key concepts and extracts a summary of the entire text. Intellexer Summarizer 3.0 is an excellent assistant in document management and data search. The new version preserves all features of Intellexer Summarizer 2.6 such as concept tree, history, summary types, and high processing quality. But more

A year of iPhone Application Development Services by EffectiveSoft

Minsk, Belarus – EffectiveSoft software company is celebrating one year since the first release of it’s iPhone application. EffectiveSoft launched iPhone development services in March 2008, and the first iPhone demo appeared in May, 2008. With little time and efforts iPhone programmers of EffectiveSoft created Summarizer for Apple’s iPhone (based on Intellexer SDK). Apple’s iPhone is considered to be the most advanced and promising mobile platform, and mobile software development

EffectiveSoft announces Palm Pre development Services

Minsk, Belarus - April 22, 2009 – EffectiveSoft Company, located in Eastern Europe, is announcing new development services for the Palm WebOS mobile platform. This is a new development platform for Mobile devices, recently released by Palm, Inc. It is expected to be a success like Apple’s iPhone or Android based devises. EffectiveSoft is among pioneers to occupy Palm Pre mobile development niche and to begin with multimedia applications

EffectiveSoft confirms ISO 9001:2008 certification

Minsk, Belarus - April 2, 2009 - EffectiveSoft Company has proved its Quality Management System to be compliant to 9001:2008 world quality standards. The ISO 9001:2000 certification was achieved by the company last year, but it requires annual confirmation; so the compliance to world quality standards was confirmed by EffectiveSoft again. The audit will be performed every year to ensure maintenance and correspondence of company to strict requirements of standard. The

Price cutting for qualitative software development services

Minsk, Belarus - March 19, 2009 - EffectiveSoft Company reduces software development costs for its services to meet customers’ needs in the period of economical crisis. Solid experience in software development industry and well-deserved reputation do not allow us to sacrifice the quality for the price. Despite the fact that our rates were rather competitive before the world financial crisis, we offered a program of cost reduction to our customers.

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