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06.05.09 - C&J Industries

Wall Street Journal Reports On Rising Economy in Meadville (Tool City USA), PA

MEADVILLE, PA – Dennis Frampton, President of the industry-leading plastic injection molding firm C&J Industries participated in an extensive interview conducted by The Wall Street Journal. In the t... mehr

30.03.09 - C&J Industries

Plastic Injection Molding Firm Recaptures Business from China

MEADVILLE, PA -- Pennsylvania-based plastic injection molding company C&J Industries recently announced that it has noticed a reversal in the trend of firms outsourcing manufacturing to cheaper labor ... mehr

08.01.09 - C&J Industries

Medical Contract Manufacturing Company C&J Industries Upgrades Its Medical Packaging Capacity

MEADVILLE, PA - C&J Industries, a leading medical device manufacturing company, has added the MD-1612 Shuttle Style Deep-Well Tray Sealer to its line of medical device packaging capabilities. C&J pr... mehr

24.11.08 - C&J Industries

Plastic Injection Molding Company, C&J Industries, Deploys Rapid Prototyping For Quick Turnaround

C& J Industries' recent launch of stereolithography technology shortens the product design and development cycle for plastic injection molding parts, giving customers results in hours -- not days -- a... mehr

16.10.08 - C&J Industries

Plastic Injection Molding Company, C&J Industries, Selected For Trade Magazine's Cover Story

C&J Industries, a leading plastic injection molding and product design company, is the cover feature story of the Fall 2008 issue of 'Plastics Business,' the official publication of Manufacturers Asso... mehr

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