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03.12.08 - AerFinance plc (FRA;3LV)

AerFinace PLC – UK based aviation holding starts consolidation of aircraft charter sector in Europe

Despite slowing economy and capacity reductions, AerFinance plc plans to acquire various business aviation operators within Europe. Already now AerFinance plc is the owner of one of the first Air Taxi... mehr

24.11.08 - AerFinance plc (FRA;3LV)

AerTech a subsidiary of AerFinance plc completes fund raising for aircraft maintenance organisation

On the 19th of November 2008, AerFinance PLC and its fully owned subsidiary AerTech Limited signed an investment agreement with the Silesia Investment Fund. According to the agreement, Silesia Fund... mehr

19.08.08 - AerFinance plc (FRA;3LV)

AerFinance plc subsidiary DirectFly becomes first Air Taxi operator in Poland and Eastern Europe

On 14th August 2008 the directors of Direct Fly received their AOC (Air Operator Certificate) from the Vice Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority of Poland. As of today, Direct Fly is the 15th hold... mehr

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