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Press Releases from OPC Training Institute (4 total)

New & Improved Online Resource for Automation Integrators

The OPC Training Institute (OPCTI) recently launched an online resource center focused on standards-based OPC technology used in process control and manufacturing automation. The center caters to automation personnel, integrators, process control engineers, IT architects and others involved in industrial data connectivity. The purpose of the online center is to support those who want to use and integrate OPC Technology. The online center offers a breadth of free OPC resources including

OPCTI Answers the Top OPC Integration Questions

EDMONTON, AB, CANADA, September 17, 2008 - In July 2008, the OPC Training Institute (OPCTI), released the 20 most common OPC Technology questions asked by automation integrators. In August 2008, a forum of OPC experts assembled online to provide answers to the hundreds of automation professionals registered for the event. Now, OPCTI has released a 20 page document containing answers to the top OPC integration questions. The document is

OPC Unified Architecture Myths Explained

EDMONTON, AB, CANADA, August 27, 2008 - The OPC Training Institute (OPCTI), an independent training organization, is scheduled, on September 16, 2008, to address the impact of the OPC Foundation’s OPC Unified Architecture (UA) specification on the worldwide manufacturing industry. The OPC UA specification was first proposed in 2004, however it is only in 2008 when OPC integrators have seen products available with the UA wrapper. The evolution of OPC

Top 20 OPC Integration Questions Released

Edmonton, AB, Canada - July 16, 2008: The OPC Training Institute (OPCTI) has released the 20 most common OPC Technology questions asked by automation integrators. Questions on the latest list include; what are the security holes when working with OPC, will OPC work across a firewall, what is OpcEnum and why do I need it, and what is OPC self certification. These questions along with 16 others cover the

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