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Itchy feet? Gain work experience abroad - launches its internship platfor …

(Hamburg, July 25th, 2013) is proud to introduce a new tool for language lovers who want to enjoy a professional experience abroad - our internship platform. ( As more and more people wish to spend time abroad to sharpen their language skills, discover new cultures or improve their résumés with an international experience, we decided to bridge the gap and help internship-seekers find the right professional opportunity in the right country. Furthermore,

Lexiophiles publishes results of IX10 – top 100 blogs on living abroad

(Hamburg, February 18, 2010) The Lexiophiles language blog and the language portal have published the results of The Top 100 International Exchange and Experience Blogs 2010. The list features the top 100 blogs on living abroad. This year’s best worldwide blogs about the adventures of living abroad were chosen out of a total pool of 170 nominations made by Lexiophiles readers and users. The final top 100 ranking

The Internet is turning Red

(Hamburg, April 23, 2009) The English language has dominated the Internet since it began, and until recently has had very little competition for its number one position. With China now rising to become one of the fastest growing world powers, and experiencing the highest rate of Internet user growth ever seen, is this the decade we will see the Internet turn red? has recently completed a research project aiming to

Lexiophiles releases the first ranking of the world’s top 100 language blogs

Lexiophiles, an affiliate of the language portal, has just released a list of the top 100 language blogs on the web. The list comprises the best 100 language blogs, individually chosen out of a pool of over 300 blogs, and can be accessed at This list was compiled by the language experts from, who, after sifting through some 300 blogs related to language and learning, analyzed and ranked

How to survive the Chinese language jungle during the Olympics

(Hamburg, July 10, 2008), the wiki-style language portal, has launched a dedicated free language page for the 2008 Olympics in China. The page helps to navigate the Chinese language and culture jungle by offering thousands of sports translations, many quizzes on the Chinese language and culture as well as a help guide with the most important Chinese-English sentences. China expects about one million additional foreign tourists for the Olympics this

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