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17.08.09 - Helensburgh Heroes

Scottish Charity releases cover of David Bowie’s Heroes to raise funds for local arts centre

Mixing over 100 local music professionals with amateurs, from the Helensburgh area of West Scotland, a Charity has released a cover of the classic Bowie song ‘Heroes’ in an attempt to raise funds ... mehr

07.07.09 - Helensburgh Heroes

Scots community band together to release classic Bowie track to raise awareness of Local Helensburgh ‘Heroes

A local Scottish community is set to release a version of the classic Bowie track 'Heroes', which is the end product of six months hard work by over 100 singers and musicians from the Helensburgh area... mehr

22.01.09 - Helensburgh Heroes

Helensburgh community to produce charity version of Bowie's classic Heroes song - ‘Live Aid’ style

David Bowie’s iconic 70’s song ‘Heroes’ is due to get a 21st Century makeover thanks to a Helensburgh based charity on the 24th January, in what is believed to be the first community attempt a... mehr

03.07.08 - Helensburgh Heroes

Honouring the Heroes of Helensburgh

Community led initiative launched to promote the area’s famous sons and daughters Scotland has produced some of the finest scientific, creative and business people that have ever lived. And man... mehr

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