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Open source development comes of age

Houston, 02nd May, 2016 : Why is open source ushering in a wave of change? The truth is that open source is the need of the hour. From cars to office spaces to licensing agreements, the value lies in sharing. When resources are limited and the economy is lagging behind, sharing is the only way to survive. In fact, a completely viable and business-ready Open Source alternative is available for

BluEnt re-invents pricing strategy for app development projects

Houston, 21st March, 2016: At the beginning of the financial quarter, BluEnt seems to have taken an entirely new stand on the software products offered and the pricing strategy involved in outsourced app development. A company spokesman said that a radical shift in the consumer’s mindset has been the prime reason for this year’s overhaul. Recent research indicates that a large number of businesses are moving to app based transactions.

Need for alternatives of off-the-shelf products for application development and …

USA March 02, 2016 - Our research indicates that although most companies prefer off-the-shelf products, 70% of them believe That their unique needs that are not 100% met – and often poorly met – by these products. This is why, we designed a new range of services that can address this situation. This February, we are launching our revamped Application Development and Maintenance services for start-ups, SMEs and enterprises. Our

BluEnt Group of Companies Announces New Website Launch for outsourcing unit in I …

BluEnt's outsourcing unit in India, which develops and maintains software applications, announced the launch of an improved version of its website, today. The new website has a stronger and bolder visual avatar with a completely revamped search and navigation structure to fulfill BluEnt’s mission of achieving maximum value for all clients. One look at the design reveals both distinct global influences and the undeniable flavor of local Indian lifestyles.

BluEnt Launches Big Data Analytics Solutions for Small and Medium-sized Firms

Analyzing big amount of business data that is collected from websites, social networks, business applications or deep inside machine logs gives businesses a brilliant opportunity to understand their business insights and customers' buying patterns. Till date it is commonly believed that Big Data is for big businesses with even bigger budgets. Large consulting firms have published significant number of articles and research papers focusing more on how big enterprises with

BluEnt Shares Insights On mHealthApps Trends and Directions To Watch In 2015

85 – 94% of all adults in the US own a mobile phone. 58 – 61% of the people who use cell phones in the US possess smart phones. One in every three of these smart phone users have searched for health – related information on their gadget. Roughly 52% of the smartphone owners in the US search for health information on their device and about one in every five

BluEnt Insights On The Truth About Your SEO Contract That Could Save You Big Dol …

I have been using all sorts of Apple products for a decade now. iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac - I have them all. Since I have a series of Apple products, I have a close relationship with my local Apple services provider, Ben. Whenever something goes wrong with any of my gadgets, I take them to him believing that Ben can be trusted to treat me right. Having someone trusted

Create Virtual Buildings of Various Shapes and Budget with BluEntCAD’s 3D Para …

BluEntCAD specializes in providing affordable 3D Parametric modeling services to architect, engineers, builders, and consultants. 3D parametric modeling services allow users to easily modify the size and shape of the product by changing the values of the parameters, without the hassle of re-drawing. All the necessary drawings and documents including presentation drawings, architectural drawing, engineering drawings and part drawings can be generated or updated directly from this 3D model. Our

Seven Modern Architectural Wonders in the Eye of Famous Architects

Architectural Evangelist, a non-profit initiative of BluEnt in collaboration with prominent architects, conducted an online survey to find out seven modern architectural wonders similar to the ancient construction classified as the wonders of the world. From time to time, several attempts have been made to find out architectural wonders. The effort of listing Seven Wonders of the World dated back to Herodotus and Callimachus who initiated the process of ranking

BIM: A Catalyst to the Change of Construction Industry

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is 3D CAD tool that captures the geometry of walls, foundations, frames, roofs, and window systems of a building. It’s a process of generating and maintaining building data throughout its life cycle. A typical BIM covers geometry, light analysis, climate zone information, quantities and properties of building components and uses 3D software to increase productivity in building design and construction. With the help of 3D, it

BluEnt™ director awarded the MRICS

Ravi Khanna Director at BluEnt™ was awarded the MRICS status by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, UK. With its members operating out of 146 countries, RICS is the leading organization of its kind in the world for professionals in property, construction, land and related environmental issues. RICS membership is only awarded to individuals who meet and maintain the most rigorous standards to the public advantage. It dates back to

BluEnt Capitalizing on BIM for Growth

BluEnt’s Architectural Outsourcing division tries to capitalize the quest for efficacy in the AEC domain. The firm provides Architectural documentation and Building Construction documentation services and manages outsourcing activities like BIM modeling, drawing and drafting services for building construction and other infrastructure projects. BluEnt is making use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) to serve client in markets like Australia, Middle East, US and Europe. In the market current scenario BluEnt

Healthier Future through Smarter Architecture

Architectural Evangelist, the quarterly e-Zine has come up with its second issue. It follows the new methods and design approaches practiced across the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. AE is dedicated to assist architects, interior designers, builders, students and architectural enthusiasts in sharing and supplementing their domain knowledge. AE’s second issue follows wide-ranging topics, from post-modern architectural styles to vernacular building methods. It also highlights new attempts at ‘Green Building’

Architecture: New trends to spice-up the building landscape

Evangelic Breakthroughs in the field of Architecture, Building Construction, and Interior Designing that complement human attitudes and add zing to the spaces we live-in. Architectural Evangelist, the quarterly e-Zine, comes up with its second issue, bringing you the fresh new winds blowing across the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. AE is dedicated to assist architects, interior designers, builders, students and architectural enthusiasts in sharing their domain knowledge. AE’s second issue follows


Boston, Massachusetts, May 2008: BluEnt’s constant endeavor to create innovative solutions for architects/firms, designers, draftsmen and decorators has led us to the AIA 2008 National Convention and Design Exposition to be held during the 15th – 17th of May, 2008 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. BluEnt seeks to create knowledge sharing processes amongst the leading architects and architectural firms regarding the incorporation of offshoring models within their indigenous

BluEnt: Green architecture evangelists at the AIA 2008 convention

Lewes, Delaware, USA:Building and construction have a sizable impact on the environment. In the United States alone, buildings account for 40-49% energy consumption, 25% water consumption 70% of total energy consumption and 38% of total carbon dioxide consumption. With building construction and real estate development on the rise, architects, designers and builders are forced to take on a more sensitive design approach giving due consideration to the environment. Understanding

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