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NO, Hutchinson Transmission Systems will not win the next Nobel Prize of Physics for its discoveries of the infinitely small... NO, Hutchinson Transmission Systems did not discover the elementary quark or ultimate boson... However Hutchinson Transmission Systems offered a new contribution to the miniaturization of the industrial world. From now on when someone speaks about \"very small\" Flexonic® belts, it is no longer about the 190 mm belt length, but about

The elastic Flexonic belt boosts portable compressors

Hutchinson places its Flexonic belt concept at the service of the users and manufacturers of portable compressors from 1 to 5 Hp and a pressure of 6 to 14 bars. Thanks to the elastic Flexonic belt, piston compressors become « oil free », more economical and light-weight with the use of a small universal « Brushtype » motor. With the Flexonic, there is no longer any need to change compressors to vary


Hutchinson Transmission has developed the Poly V® belt concept, “The belt for all applications”. Due to the use of high performance textile members, and the optimization of its pulley contact area, the Hutchinson Poly V® belt will satisfy the transmission requirements and increase the life of the drives. Used for drives in a broad power range, up to 600Kw, a single Poly V® belt is capable of transmitting high-speed ratios accurately.

Hutchinson's ConveyXonic Belt

In response to industrial customer needs, Hutchinson Transmission has specially developed the ConveyXonic belt for roller conveyor producers. The ConveyXonic is the « 4 in 1 » belt capable of transporting loads from 1 to 1 200kg (2 to 2500 lbs.) as well as replace the four systems used in the conveyor assembly (flat belt, round belt, chain and timing belt). The belt’s elastic properties allow for at least a 30% reduction

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