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Investment in Glucose Responsive Insulins Altering the Diabetes Market Landscape

(Nashua, NH) – As the number of patients diagnosed with diabetes continues to climb worldwide, drug developers and researchers are attempting to identify more effective ways to control glucose levels. Over the years, new medicines based on novel therapeutic moieties with potentially unique benefits have attracted attention and research emphasis. A recent wave of investment and developmental activity now seems to be heralding in what may be a new era

Wearable Injectors Positioned to Profit from the Expected Surge in Infusion Proc …

(Nashua, NH) – As drug discovery, development and commercialization continue to produce therapeutic biologicals, device designers are being challenged to address a host of issues that require ingenuity and creative thinking. This ongoing evolution has produced a new class of subcutaneous infusion devices that are designed to be worn by the patient. While allowing patients to self-administer high volume injectables, these devices are also expected to pose a cost-saving alternative

Several CNS Indications Position Transdermal Drugs for Growth

(Nashua NH) – Despite recent progress in a number of therapeutic sectors, progress toward curative medicine for neurological and related central nervous system disorders has remained elusive. The result is a therapeutic sector that relies heavily on control of symptoms and palliative care. This disappointing picture is being exacerbated by disease trends that are increasing the morbidity and mortality associated with CNS ailments in the general population. These trends include

Immediate Release Pain Management Gaining Prescribers as Experience Eases Safety …

(Nashua, NH) – As life expectancy in the developed world increases and populations age, the incidence and associated morbidity of chronic and acute pain are increasing, placing a higher level of emphasis on pain management as a quality-of-life issue for patients and their families. This issue is no more problematic than in the treatment for intractable cancer pain, commonly referred to as breakthrough cancer pain (BTcP). The combination of aging

New Aircraft Designs Creating Opportunities for High Performance Aerospace Coati …

(Amherst, NH) – As aerospace manufacturers and their engineering teams push the design envelope to create aircraft with better fuel efficiency and lower maintenance requirements, they are relying increasingly on engineered materials for a growing list of structural and non-structural elements and components. This trend is changing the way aircraft are developed, produced and maintained. It’s also presenting opportunities for specialty materials suppliers with products that can improve production

Evolution in Markets for Radiation Curable Coatings Creating Risks and Opportuni …

(Amherst, NH) – Recent advances in materials and equipment are creating new demand for radiation curable coatings in a number of industrial applications. This new demand is occurring as several technology advances are being brought into the marketplace. By removing some of the key limitations of radcure coatings, these advances are enabling radcure coatings to meet unique application requirements, opening up a number of new opportunities. Technical advances that are having

Evolution in Drug Delivery Devices Creating Opportunities for Engineered Materia …

(Nashua, NH) – While tablets and capsules designed to be taken orally represent the largest segment of the pharmaceutical industry, alternative drug delivery methods continue to grow in response to drug stability, safety and patient compliance issues. In order to take full advantage of these healthcare realities, drug device developers are exploring new ways to utilize advanced materials and fabrication processes to create drug-device combination products that can meet the

Quantifying the Cost Implications of Soft Sourcing Management

(Nashua, NH) – The importance of creating and implementing an effective strategy for sourcing and acquiring goods and services is a well-accepted requirement for businesses of all sizes. Because of the significant role of recurring operational costs in reaching or exceeding profit targets, sourcing plans and procedures play a key role in the financial health and ultimate success of companies across a broad spectrum of industries. But while the majority

Cellular Matrices and Tissue Scaffolds Providing an Evolving Solution to Refract …

(Nashua, NH) – Wound care treatments that mimic the body's natural physiology and/or regenerative pathways – technologies that include tissue-engineered skin substitutes, regeneration matrices, and biologically active cellular therapies - are making strides in clinical trial settings and are on track to change the way difficult-to-treat wounds are managed. Refractory wounds represent the largest single segment for advanced wound care in terms of treatment costs, followed by burn treatment and

Dry Powder Inhalers Moving Beyond Upper Respiratory Indications

(Nashua, NH) – As the availability of dry powder inhalers with improved performance and refined patient-friendly features and operational characteristics become available, drug developers are examining the potential of DPI for therapeutic indications previously deemed too challenging for inhaled powder technology. This push into new therapeutic areas has been made possible in large part by evolutionary improvements in powder formulation and processing technologies that, when combined with device advances, eliminate

Adhesive Films and Tapes Evolving to Address Demands of Emerging Applications

(Nashua, NH) – Recent advances in adhe¬sives technology are creating new opportunities for adhesive films and tapes in a number of industrial applications. These adhesive products are finding new structural bonding and join¬ing applications in the automo¬tive, aerospace, and electronics markets. Films and tapes with enhanced performance are reaching the market as several important developments are occurring which will spur new demand. These findings are contained in a new market

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