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Agriya's Premium Update On Doctor Appointment Solution-Ideal Paradigm of Future …

It has been quite a while since Agriya commences delivering niche-specific solutions. Also, frequent updates are issued for the same from time to time to make sure the solutions can match with the changing market scenarios. The doctor booking solution from our premium business line has steadily been serving the healthcare niche market for some time and has received great responses already. Even so, our expert team from Agriya has

Agriya Release Latest Update to its Premium E-learning Software Solution

Feeling insignificant due to overwhelming competition in the E-learning market? Or Trying to deal with an existential crisis? With Agriya’s newly upgraded e-learning solution, you can counter the competition, also, create a significant impact on the world of education. This completely automated digital learning system has already gained some serious recognition in terms of its efficiency and performance in recent years. The latest upgrade on E-learning solution is more of

Agriya’s TaxiPickr making the ideal Uber clone script for taxi services

If you're having trouble finding a new solution to upgrade bookings for taxis or struggling to handle the digitization of transportation, then moving your taxi business forward won't be such a hassle like it has been in the past. Agriya's TaxiPickr software changes the usual approach which usually requires lots of money, time, and effort. A clone script of Uber that was built by Agriya is entirely complete and gets

Agriya develops efficient on-demand taxi apps for hassle free travel

Agriya is one of the top app development companies which provides white label taxi app development solutions for the unique needs of entrepreneurs. our products are based on the current trend and technologies. With the recent trend in providing niche on-demand services as a business, our taxi booking solution has been developed with the prime requirement of providing the best experience for both the users and drivers. Based on the current

Agriya Introduces Coin Payments into their Ready-made Crowdfunding scripts

Ever imagined a world without printed money? Even though it seems to be a far distant dream now, the notion of cashless society has begun gaining some traction already. Guess what! In a world that never runs out of topics, cryptocurrencies indicate one of the most discussed topics of recent times. In fact, it is now being adopted by many businesses and industries, all because it has a clear upper

Agriya's TaxiPickr- An Ideal Uber Clone Script for Fast-growing Ride-hailing Mar …

Having difficulty discovering an inclusive solution to upgrade your taxi booking business? Are you struggling to deal with the ongoing digital transformation process? Well, advancing your taxi business to a digital operating system is no longer a tedious process as before. In fact, the concept of Agriya's TaxiPickr software contrasts with the conventional development approach, which requires a great deal of money, effort and time. The uber clone script built

Agriya to give away its popular clone scripts and software solutions for free

Do you seek an affordable option to build your digital presence? Perhaps, Agriya’s ready-made software solutions would be the best choice for you. By offering a roundup of freeware, Agriya has recently taken a giant leap forward. While deliberately deprofitizing its most prestigious software solutions, they have taken an altruistic decision to help businesses step into the age of digital transformation. In essence, businesses can easily set up comprehensive digital

Introducing Agriya's Fully-fledged On-demand Service Booking Solution

The service market is dispersed making it tough to hire service-providers & professionals rendering local services. An ongoing demand to connect people and local service-providers is on rage and the On-Demand Service Marketplace makes a remarkable tool to get it materialized. Agriya too takes a stand for neutralizing this gap and comes out with its unique & precise solution. Nevertheless, the service market's no more a tough nut to crack! With

Launch an Advanced Fundraising Platform Employing Agriya's Crowdfunding Script

Living in a world driven by money and its great demand makes the concept of crowdfunding pivotal. Ideas need money to reach up to its full potential and the world needs more ideas to reach its own. The novel concept of crowdfunding makes it possible for millions to make a fortune out of their ideas, helping them leave their unique mark on the world. However, with the arrival of new-age

Set up an Uber-like App with this New On-demand Taxi Booking Solution

Looking for an easier way to build a taxi booking app? No extended development cycle, no extra charges or resources; just as planned, an effective development process. Yes, this can be achieved but, not always. In this world of uncertainty, nothing is definite. Any tiny miscalculation or humane error can disturb the balance of the process. This is where the ready-made software solutions excel. They epitomize the perfect method of Web template service launched by Agriya

07/03/2008 Chennai., Agriya’s newest service, serves the hordes of today’s webmasters looking for ready-made, stylish and affordable templates. On top of the open source, HTML, Flash and co-branded templates, also offers template customization services, custom web design and a complete SEO program. By grouping all this services under one roof, seeks to be a complete resource for anyone who builds and maintains website. For Agriya,

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