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31.10.11 - IndustrialSAVER

Struggling Economy Needs To Focus On Innovative Manufacturing, Says IndustrialSAVER

Seattle, Washington – Today is Halloween and as all the ghosts and goblins celebrate activities nationwide and across the globe, is working hard to promote American custom manufa... mehr

20.10.11 - IndustrialSAVER

B2B Marketplace Takes South Dakota Manufacturers Into The Global Manufacturing Arena

Sioux Falls, South Dakota – The online B2B Marketplace IndustrialSAVER (commonly referred to as I-SAVER) is at it again with the launch of its new campaign to promote machine/job shops all over the ... mehr

13.10.11 - IndustrialSAVER

I-SAVER To Help Engineers Find Prototype Companies Specializing In Rapid Prototypes

Oklahoma City, OK – Oklahoma knows the importance of its manufacturing sector and the role it plays for its economy. IndustrialSAVER, publisher of the B2B Marketplace is betting companies in the So... mehr

04.10.11 - IndustrialSAVER

Small Metal Parts Made To Customer Specifications To Be Added To IndustrialSAVER

Trenton, New Jersey – The e-marketplace for the manufacturing community and publisher of B-to-B trade portal IndustrialSAVER, announced today the addition of 50+ custom manufacturers as well as 35 N... mehr

30.04.09 - IndustrialSAVER Introduces Its Power Equipment Parts & Power Supply Units Directory

IndustrialSAVER, an international online B2B marketplace for the manufacturing community will announce today the debuts of its new Power Supply Units & Power Equipment Parts directory. Officials of In... mehr

08.04.09 - IndustrialSAVER

IndustrialSAVER Launches Its New Investment Castings and Brass Castings Directory

Detroit, Michigan - IndustrialSAVER, the online marketplace for the manufacturing community introduced today its new American Castings, Investment & Brass Castings Directory and Buying Guide. The comp... mehr

02.04.09 - IndustrialSAVER

New Assembly Automation and Industrial Automation Systems Directory From IndustrialSAVER

Philadelphia, PA - The online manufacturing and engineering marketplace IndustrialSAVER, a division of the Industrial Leaders Group (ILG) has launched its new Industrial Automation Systems & Assembly... mehr

23.03.09 - IndustrialSAVER

Wyoming Industrial Test Systems & Measuring Tools Buying Guide Introduced By IndustrialSAVER

Cheyenne, WY - IndustrialSAVER, an international online marketplace for engineers, MRO and manufacturing professionals will announce later today the launch of its new Wyoming Measuring & Testing Equip... mehr

09.03.09 - IndustrialSAVER

Louisiana Machine Shops and Custom Manufacturing Guide Debuted On IndustrialSAVER

NEW ORLEANS, LA - IndustrialSAVER, an international manufacturing marketplace and division of the Industrial Leaders Group (ILG) announced today the release of its new Louisiana Machine Shops Director... mehr

26.02.09 - IndustrialSAVER

New Colorado Welding Supply Buying Guide Launched By IndustrialSAVER

DENVER, CO -, an international construction and manufacturing marketplace, announced today the launch of its new Colorado Welding Equipment Buying Guide & Directory at industrials... mehr

16.10.08 - IndustrialSAVER

New On-line Custom Manufacturing Marketplace For Job Shops and Custom Manufacturers, publisher of Industrial Classifieds has launched a new e-marketplace for custom manufacturers such as machine shops, metal fabricators and other producers of custom-made products.... mehr

06.10.08 - IndustrialSAVER Launches Building Materials On-line Marketplace

Industrial Classifieds, a B2B marketplace for industrial and construction buyers has launched a new e-marketplace for buyers and suppliers of building supplies, materials and allied products. Industr... mehr

18.09.08 - IndustrialSAVER

New Auction For Pennsylvania Industrial Surplus Equipment

IndustrialSAVER launches an on-line auction for industrial surplus equipment buyers and sellers in Pennsylvania and other U.S. States. Philadelphia, PA - IndustrialSAVER, an on-line auction site has ... mehr

12.09.08 - IndustrialSAVER

IndustrialSAVER Expands Product Offerings On Its Industrial Supply Marketplace

IndustrialSAVER, a division on the Industrial Leaders Group (ILG) and publisher of the B2B marketplace Industrial Classifieds (, announced today it increase... mehr

26.05.08 - IndustrialSAVER

Industrial Classifieds Connects Building Materials Buyers and Suppliers Worldwide

IndustrialSAVER, publisher of Industrial Classifieds, a division of the Industrial Leaders Group, announced today the launch of their new on-line Building Materials Marketplace at http://industrialsav... mehr

07.03.08 - IndustrialSAVER

IndustrialSAVER Launches Metalworking Equipment and Machinery Auction

Westboro, MA - IndustrialSAVER, a division of Donald LaBelle Associates and subsidiary of announced today the launch of a metalworking equipment auction and marketplace at indust... mehr

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