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Searching for new Spanish options

For every analyst who says the Spanish property market is dead, another states that it is only slumbering. Some have suggested that the market is a busted flush for investors, with falling prices and over development meaning the good times are over after the recent boom years. Others have noted that Spain remains a popular place with buyers, many of whom are as much if not more interested in enjoying a

Portugal's lessons in development

In the recent turmoil of the credit crisis the difficulties of Spain have been well documented, with falling prices, controversy over illegal building coming to a head when some properties were summarily demolished and a general feeling that a few chickens had come home to roost. While such a view may underestimate the variety of possible new opportunities that Spain can offer now or in the future, which may arise from

How transport gets investors on track

Today\'s news that the Bank of England\'s monetary policy committee has cut the base rate again to five per cent will be welcome news for investors in property amid a climate that has seen the market take something of a hit in recent months, both from the higher interest rates brought about by the increases in the rate between August 2006 and July last year, plus, more recently, the credit

Best deals opening up in Cyprus

Cyprus has been having an eventful year so far, with New Year\'s Day bringing the adoption of the euro as its official currency, the election of a new president, Dimitris Christofias and with him the tantalising prospect of better relations with northern Cyprus, perhaps even leading to a permanent solution to the division of the island into Greek and Turkish segments that has remained intractably in place since 1974. Since Mr

Under priced, up for grabs and over there

With the credit crunch dominating the news in recent months, much of the focus has been on where the property market has seen a decline, with the US and Ireland being two examples of countries suffering heavily, while the UK and Spanish booms are universally regarded as being over. In the meantime, of course, those investing in cheap property keep on looking. If some markets are less favourable now, there are

The rate that won't wait

With the Bank of England monetary policy committee (MPC) due to meet next week to discuss interest rate policy, some may see the outcome as being quite obvious. With the property market at a fairly low ebb and wider economic concerns there will be no shortage of those seeking a rate cut, although the inflationary pressures present mean that, in the words of the Bank\'s governor Mervyn King this week,

Excellent rental prospects' in Scotland

Despite a flurry of media reports about the uncertainty of buy-to-let, the investors themselves seem to be roundly confident, with nine out of ten respondents to the most recent Association of Residential Letting Agents (Arla) survey saying that they do not plan to sell their properties any time soon. Additionally, four out of ten landlords said they have plans to add further to their rental portfolio; those who are looking for

France 'survives credit crunch'

Since the term credit crunch entered the lexicon at some point last year, the mortgage market has become tougher in the UK, with this week\'s withdrawal of 125 per cent mortgage products being the latest reduction in the availability of products with which to buy property in Britain. In France, however, it appears the opposite has occurred. In recent years the country, whose president Nicolas Sarkozy pledged to create a nation

National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA)

With the budget just weeks away, this is the season for all interested parties to set out their ideas of how and why chancellor Alistair Darling should alter the tax system. In the case of the UK property market, faced as it is with many challenges, there are a number of areas in which change has been called for. Today the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) set out its own

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