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11.12.09 - Waterlogic International Ltd.

Waterlogic to Provide Drinking Water for the COP 15 Climate Conference

Climate Conference Chooses Innovative Bottle-less Solution for Delegates Drinking Water Assuring that delegates are refreshed with clean, purified drinking water from a truly sustainable source throu... mehr

03.01.08 - Waterlogic International Ltd.

CoolerSmart USA Appoints Vice President, Sales & Marketing

CoolerSmart USA, a subsidiary of Waterlogic International Limited, global manufacturer of top quality water purification and dispensing systems, has announced the appointment of Randall L. O’Brien, ... mehr

27.12.07 - Waterlogic International Ltd.

Waterlogic Units Make the Cut at Mondial Coiffure Beauté

At the recent Salon Mondial Coiffure Beauté (MCB), eight Waterlogic POU machines were visibly featured on the L’Oréal stand, demonstrating a unique synergy between the two companies and their prod... mehr

27.12.07 - Waterlogic International Ltd.

The WL 1000 GF: The Waterlogic Reverse Osmosis Solution

The WL 1000 GF, the latest product launch from Waterlogic, specifically designed to address the needs of those markets requiring Reverse Osmosis technology, has been well received in RO–focused area... mehr

27.12.07 - Waterlogic International Ltd.

Waterlogic France & Eurosport: A Winning Combination

Over two years ago, Waterlogic France won a tender with Eurosport to place 20 of its WL 3000 Hot, Cold & Sparkling units in Eurosport’s Issy Les Moulineaux offices just outside of Paris. Eurosport... mehr

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