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The first antimicrobial hand shower

Most of the millionfold used hand showers in hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, industrial firms and private households are sources of bacterial contamination. Due to the technical construction water stagnates in the built-in hollow spaces, which give optimal conditions for a germ formation in the muggy climate of sanitary facilities. Attention should be paid to Legionella, a genus of bacteria which is taken into the lung and can cause

Ultrafiltration for water treatment for communal, humanitarian and military purp …

At the end of November 2007 LEGIO has delivered one water supply plant of state-of-the art technology. This water treatment plant complies with all requirements to robustness and maintenance as it is claimed for communal, humantarian and military purposes. The LEGIO.prefilter, which combines a cyclone and an edge-split filter this way that particles and sediments are separated from the flowing through water protects, protects the membranes against high FNU/NTU-overloads. High-strength membranes

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