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Tine 2.0 "Neele" (2011-01) released

Hamburg - 2011/01/19 The Tine 2.0 project released its next major version "Neele" (2011-01). Packages for public download and an online demo have been deployed on the project page. Focal points of this version are: Printing lists across all modules as well as calendar week and month views. Support for automatic email filtering and vacation mails via sieve. Overall increased performance. Moreover, the ActiveSync server got a lot of detail improvements and is now capable

Second beta version for Tine 2.0 "Leonie (2000/07)" released

Hamburg - 2009/07/13 - The Tine 2.0[1] project releases a second beta release its major version "Leonie (2009/07)" An online demo[2] for testing this development version has been deployed on the project's page. Everyone is invited to download[3] and test the packages and to provide feedback in the projects forums. It has to be emphasized that the packages are of beta quality and are meant for testing only and

Open Source Business Groupware Tine 2.0 Lara (2009/02) released

Packages and online demo available on the Tine 2.0 projects first birthday - Timetracking and ActiveSync support added - Enhanced Productivity Hamburg – 2009/02/28 The Tine 2.0[1] project releases version Lara (2009/02) of their open source online software on its first birthday. As such, the second stable version of Tine 2.0 is ready for download[2] exactly one year after the split from the eGroupWare project. “We are proud to present a new version of

Metaways Infosystems releases first Tine 2.0 version for real operation

Open source groupware for enterprises • Web-based open source solution now ready for production environments • More transparency through integrated groupware and CRM functionality • Easy and efficient work by intuitive look and feel Hamburg – October the 30th, 2008 The full IT service provider Metaways Infosystems GmbH from Hamburg (Germany) releases the first version of the new groupware solution Tine 2.0. Tine 2.0 was started by former eGroupWare core developers

Second beta version of Tine 2.0 2008/10 released

Tine 2.0 2008/10 beta-2 solves internationalization problems and layout problems in the Internet Explorer. The Tine 2.0 project[1] released the second beta version of their 2008/10 Release (codename 'Summer 2008'). The online demo[2] got updated to the latest version as well. This version is a pure bugfix release and has no new features. Thanks to the translators, problems and uncertainties in the internationalization system got solved. With beta-2 the freeze

Tine 2.0 Project Reached Milestone 2 for the Summer Release 2008

Hamburg (Germany) - 2008/08/14 - The Tine 2.0 project reached the second milestone[1] for the Summer 2008 release which is scheduled to be published in September 2008. Also the online demo got updated to this latest version. Anyone is invited to download and test the packages build for this milestone, downloadable form the project page It has to be emphasized that these packages are of beta-quality intended for testing purpose

Tine 2.0 - Technology Preview Available

Hamburg - 2008/05/27 Finally we are ready. Punctually for the Linux Tag 2008 in Berlin (Germany) a preview version of the open source project Tine 2.0 is being presented. The former eGroupWare Developers Lars Kneschke and Cornelius Weiss have the goal to set fresh impulses in the market of business software with their new Tine 2.0 project. Supported by the Metaways GmbH located in Hamburg (Germany) they have created a brand

Status update of Tine 2.0 project – Milestone 3 has been passed

The Tine 2.0 project just passed Milestone 3 on the road to a next generation open source collaboration product. Milestone 3 marks two goals, not yet visible to the end-user, but with an enormous impact on the further development of Tine 2.0: At first a lot of fundamental work has been completed which was essential for building up a flexible, reliable and secure foundation for the development of future applications. Moreover

Tine 2.0 effort reached milestone 2

Status update of the Tine 2.0 effort Two month after reaching milestone 1, we are glad to announce, that we passed milestone 2 last weekend. What\'s new? Most noteworthy and surprising for us was the early adaption of our code-base into the eGroupWare project as official subproject [1]. From 2007-12-18 on the Tine 2.0 source-code is managed via the project\'s svn server [2] . On request of the developers community we renamed

Status Upgrade Of The eGroupWare 2.0 Effort

After working two months on eGroupWare 2.0 it’s time to give you a little update on the progress we have made so far. First of all, we are very thankful for the enormous amount of positive feedback we got for our effort to increase usability and stability of eGroupWare. eGroupWare 2.0 Project Page We are glad to announce the immediate availability of a site dedicated to the eGroupWare 2.0 effort: This will

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