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Press Releases from Cesidian Church (2 total)

Descartes becomes Cesidian Church's first saint

According to the Bible, a saint is one who is sanctified, consecrated, set apart as sacred. Early Christians were all called saints. Over time, the term saint came to refer to a person who was recognized as having attained a certain level of holiness. Bishops and martyrs became the first kinds of saints to be venerated by the early Christian church, and later the hermit type of saint became recognized.

Cesidian Church urges support for canonization of Descartes or Cartesius

The Bishop of the Cesidian Church has issued the \"Saint René Descartes Declaration\". In this Declaration, the Bishop announces that the Cesidian Church has already beatified René Descartes (or Renatus Cartesius) for his first miracle, the miracle of the discovery of analytic geometry. This miracle of human thought has produced further miracles, since it provided the basis for the calculus of Newton and Leibniz, and through this Descartes also became one

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