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The Spanish Actor Carlos Martínez Receives the Special WMO Award

Barcelona. The World Mime Organisation (WMO), headquartered in Belgrade, has presented its Special WMO Award to the actor Carlos Martínez for his significant contribution to the art of mime. Carlos Martínez received the recognition at the hands of Marko Stojanović, President of WMO, and Ofer Blum, Vice President, on the occasion of the First World Mime Conference. WMO was founded in 2004 by the two disciples of the French actor and

Opening the eyes to the world

The new DVD "Books without Words" by mime actor Carlos Martínez revolves around reading, writing and literature They tell stories. They are full of images. They are fun and make you laugh. They make you think and stimulate the imagination. They can comfort you, give you confidence and they caress the soul. The stage pieces of Spanish mime actor Carlos Martínez are like "books without words", they speak, sometimes profoundly, other

Carlos Martínez celebrates his 30th stage anniversary with a new show

MIRAGE - The 30th Stage Anniversary Show In his jubilee year, 2012, the mime actor Carlos Martínez looks back over thirty intense years on the stage. His premiere performance as a mime took place in 1982 in a youth club in Barcelona; and his repertoire consisted at that time of six mime pieces. Today, that young theatre buff has become a master of his profession, someone with whom not only advanced mime

With the art of mime no one is illiterate

New show "Books without words" by Spanish mime actor Carlos Martínez A visit to the library. The actor pokes around between book covers that get his attention, here and there he thumbs through a book, and slowly he gets lost among endless bookshelves. Suddenly the imaginative scripts and letters change into movements and action. The body and hands of the mime speak volumes. Known and unknown heroes conquer the stage. Episodes

International theatre show about Human Rights

For 25 years Spanish mime actor Carlos Martínez has been performing throughout Europe, dedicating much of his work to the topic of Human Rights. The technique of mime has allowed the actor to cross not only language barriers but also to bring fresh glimpses into the reality behind the words of this important declaration. Different disciplines in the arts such as painting, theatre, comics, advertising, poetry and music, are embracing imaginative

The silence also knows how to speak

Spanish mime actor Carlos Martínez celebrates his 25th stage anniversary Since 1982 Carlos Martínez has constructed a world of theatre that unites temperament and nuance with modern mime technique. As a passionate observer of our humanity, he reveals seemingly insignificant encounters where we discover our own reflection. The actor transforms the ordinary events of daily life into extraordinary performances with the skill of an artisan and the wisdom of an artist

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