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PayRate42 Rates Centiwise ORANGE in Latest Evaluation of Payment Processors

PayRate42, a leading rating agency specializing in the evaluation of payment processors, has announced its latest assessment of Centiwise, a payment technology company operating under OneXent Technologies Limited based in Kenya. The rating agency, known for its commitment to transparency and consumer protection, has assigned Centiwise an ORANGE rating based on a comprehensive analysis of its operations. Centiwise specializes in providing payment gateway services with a focus on facilitating secure and

PayRate42 Flags Compliance Concerns with Libernetix, Rates as "RED"

PayRate42, the premier authority in rating payment processors, has completed a comprehensive assessment of Libernetix, an integrated payment solution provider based in London. PayRate42, known for its commitment to safeguarding merchants and consumers through transparent evaluation, has highlighted significant compliance issues with Libernetix, resulting in a "RED" rating. Libernetix offers a comprehensive payment tool designed to streamline operations for businesses, boasting features such as card acquiring, payment gateway, analytics & reporting,

PayRate Downgrades FCA-Regulated High-Risk Payment Processor To Orange Complianc …

PayRate42, a leading authority in rating payment processors in the CyberFinance space, announces the downgrade of PayDo, the trading name of the FCA-regulated e-Money Institution Ecommerce Technologies Ltd and FinTRAC-registered PayDo Canada Ltd., due to compliance issues. Founded in 2016, PayDo offers IBAN accounts, e-wallets, and merchant services under regulatory oversight. Offering a range of financial services, PayDo caters to both low-risk and high-risk merchants, with varying fee structures. Despite its

PayRate42 Includes Crypto Exchange Operator Bitinvest Into Its Orange Compliance …

PayRate42, a leading authority in rating payment processors, has conducted a thorough examination of Bitinvestor, a Denmark-based cryptocurrency exchange platform. PayRate42 maintains a primary focus on protecting merchants and consumers through transparent evaluation, particularly scrutinizing High-Risk Payment Processors (HRPP) operating outside established regulatory frameworks. Bitinvestor, positioned as a Denmark-based cryptocurrency exchange platform, claims to prioritize secure transactions for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. However, PayRate42's analysis has uncovered significant issues regarding Bitinvestor's

PayRate42 Launches Risk Assessment Tool For Financial Services Providers!

PayRate42, a leading cyberfinance rating agency committed to enhancing transparency in the global payment industry, proudly introduces the Trust Point Assessment Tool ( This innovative tool allows merchants and consumers to make informed decisions by assessing the reliability of financial service providers. PayRate42, defining itself as a private compliance platform, aims to empower participants in the payment industry with a comprehensive approach to identifying, evaluating, and rating its members. PayRate42: A

Fraud Facilitator Payepo Or Why It Is Important To Disclose Compliance Informati …

The Cyberrating agency PayRate42 ( has placed Payepo ( on its Black Compliance list for failing to provide owner, operator, and management information. The agency has advised merchants against working with the payment processor. There are a few very good reasons for merchants and their clients to work only with payment processors that provide all the information: Legal Compliance: Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Countering Financing of Terrorism (CFT): Many jurisdictions have AML

FinTelegram and PayRate42 Announce Joint Venture To Operate Whistle42

Establishing a Global Whistle42 Community In a move to efficiently combat hidden financial improprieties, financial intelligence platform FinTelegram News ( and the cyber rating agency PayRate42 ( are thrilled to announce their collaboration to jointly develop the whistleblower platform, Whistle42 ( This strategic cooperation aims to expose financial wrongdoings and reinforce the importance of transparency and integrity in the financial sector. In a joint effort, we are developing an affiliate system

PayRate42 Launches Essential Warning List to Safeguard Your E-commerce Business

Working with reliable payment providers is essential in the fast-paced world of e-commerce. PayRate42's "Warning List" feature offers valuable insights and alerts, protecting your business from rogue providers and ensuring secure transactions. Identify Rogue Payment Service Providers: Access PayRate42's "Warning List" to identify and avoid suspicious payment providers. Our experts thoroughly research and analyze vendors, providing you with the information needed to make informed partner selection decisions. Stay Ahead of Fraudulent Activity: PayRate42 proactively

The PayrNet license revocation and why it needs PayRate42!

International and cross-border payments, along with neobanks, fintechs, and paytechs, are the infrastructural backbone of the CyberEconomy. However, the lack of a harmunized cross-jurisdictional regulatory framework poses challenges in ensuring compliance within the industry. Lithuanian regulators' recent revocation of PayrNet's license has highlighted the importance of a reliable rating agency like PayRate42 to assess the credibility and compliance of payment processors, especially those operating in high-risk sectors. Lithuanian regulators revoked the PayrNet

CyberRating agency PayNews42 celebrates 1,000th payment processor listing

PayRate42 is a rating agency that aims to make CyberFinance safer through reviews and ratings of FinTechs and PayTechs. Especially in the high-risk segment, there are currently hardly any possibilities for merchants to seriously check potential payment processors. PayRate42 profiles FinTechs and PayTechs with an initial Know-Your-Customer (KYC) check. Our team checks whether all required information is available on the websites. In addition, we check whether the relevant regulatory permission

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