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How Does Greenhouse LED Grow Light Affect Plant Growth?

In addition to the influence of light, plant growth needs to be combined with many other factors that affect plant growth, such as carbon dioxide concentration, environmental humidity and temperature, air quality, water and other nutrients, and so on. From the perspective of indoor plant lighting, we advocate the use of greenhouse LED grow light, so how does indoor plant LED grow light affect plant growth? Control Photoperiod All living things on earth

Plant factories are in demand

From the perspective of agricultural development, modern agriculture has been able to rapidly increase yields to meet the huge demand for food generated by the burgeoning population due to the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and has been instrumental in solving the global food and poverty problems. However, traditional agriculture is purely dependent on the weather and seasons, not only can crop cultivation be restricted by climate and seasons,

Global Market Plant Grow LED Light Revenue (2021-2027)

In 2020, the global plant grow led light market revenue to reach USD 1059.86 million and is expected to reach USD 3294.39 million in 2027, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.97% (2021-2027). In the coming years, this industry has a great deal of uncertainty, and the forecast data in this paper for 2021-2027 is based on historical developments over the past few years, industry expert opinions, and

Another acquisition of LED equipment

On September 8th, foreign media reported that K&S announced that its subsidiaries Kulicke and Soffa Luxembourg S.R.L. had entered into an acquisition agreement with Taiwan Province automation equipment company Gaokejing Jetta, and that K&S would acquire the designated dispensing assets and dispensing business of Yifu, a subsidiary of Gaokejing Jetta, a dispensing equipment and solution manufacturer. It is reported that K&S collectively refers to the related entities, assets and businesses acquired

UN appeals for donations for flood-stricken Pakistan

On August 30, the United Nations and Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched a campaign to raise funds for the 2022 floods in Pakistan, calling for $160 million for relief efforts. The people of Pakistan are suffering from once-in-a-century rains and floods, with extreme weather conditions that have killed more than 1,000 people, left millions homeless, and affected all of Pakistan. Guterres said the money will be used for food, sanitation, emergency

Guterres: Russian fertilizers and agricultural merchandise should have "smooth" …

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres same on twenty December that Russian fertilizers and agricultural merchandise should enter the planet market "smoothly", otherwise a food crisis could occur next year. On the difficulty of resuming outward shipments of agricultural merchandise from Euxine Sea ports, Russia and Ukraine signed agreements with the international organization and Turkey, severally, on July 22. The agreement includes establishing a joint coordination center and making certain the protection of

International organizations say global agricultural products will face fundament …

On June 30, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations jointly released the "Agricultural Outlook 2022-2031" report, which points out that global agricultural products will face fundamental challenges in the next decade, and that we need to meet this challenge in a sustainable manner in order to feed a growing population and cope with the impact of food supply disruptions

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