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Characteristics and advantages of precision carbon steel pipes

With the rapid development of the industrial field, the requirements for materials are becoming higher and higher. Especially in many high-precision jobs, precision carbon steel pipes have long become a very important material and enjoy a high reputation. Next, let's discuss the characteristics and advantages of precision carbon steel pipes. Characteristics of precision carbon steel pipes: Characteristic 1: Higher accuracy Precision carbon steel pipes have high processing accuracy and can be used to

Carbon steel seamless tube vs Stainless steel seamless tube

The difference between carbon steel seamless tube and stainless steel seamless tube mainly refers to the difference in design rules between carbon steel and stainless steel, which means that the design rules of these two types of steel cannot be used in common. These differences are summarized as follows: Carbon steel 1. Ordinary steel is carbon steel, that is, iron-carbon alloy. According to the level of carbon content, it is divided into

Seamless steel tube hardness testing

The hardness test is to slowly press a hard indenter into the surface of the sample under specified conditions, and then test the depth or size of the indentation to determine the hardness of the material. Hardness test is a simple, rapid and easy-to-implement method in material mechanical property test. The hardness test is non-destructive, and there is an approximate conversion relationship between the material hardness value and the tensile

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