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Green Decore Expands Outdoor Rug Collection with New Affordable Options Starting …

Green Decore, a renowned supplier of sustainable home decor solutions, is delighted to announce the addition of new outdoor rug products to its existing collection. With prices starting at just £42, Green Decore continues to prioritise affordability while offering eco-friendly options to consumers seeking stylish outdoor decor. Green Decore's latest outdoor rug offerings provide a harmonious blend of functionality, durability and aesthetic appeal. Crafted using recycled plastic materials, these rugs are

Green Decore Unveils New Line of Large Outdoor Rugs

Green Decore, a leading provider of sustainable and eco-friendly outdoor decor, is excited to add new introductions of large outdoor rugs. These stunning additions to their collection offer homeowners an expanded range of stylish and environmentally conscious options to enhance their outdoor spaces. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, Green Decore has been at the forefront of creating outdoor rugs that combine aesthetic appeal with eco-friendly materials. Their latest

Green Decore Expands Their Vernal Washable Rug Line with a New Size

Green Decore, a leading home decor company, has expanded its line of machine washable indoor rugs by introducing a new size - washable runners. These runner rugs offer a versatile and practical solution for high-traffic areas such as hallways, entryways and kitchens. The Vernal Machine Washable Rug Collection is known for its durability and ease of maintenance. Made from strong, durable fibres, these machine washable rugs are designed to withstand

Green Decore Showcases Their Exciting Lineup of Vernal Machine Washable Indoor R …

Green Decore, a leading brand in the home decor industry, has recently added new designs to their Vernal Collection of Machine Washable Indoor Rugs. The brand is renowned for its high-quality, stylish and durable home decor items and their latest collection of Vernal Washable Rugs is no exception. The new designs of washable indoor rugs are available in a variety of colours and sizes, allowing homeowners to choose the perfect

Green Decore Adds New Affordable Living Room Rugs to its Collection

Green Decore, a leading home decor supplier, has added new designs to its living room rug collection. The new rugs come in a range of designs, colours and sizes to suit the varied preferences of customers. Green Decore has always been committed to providing high-quality home decor products at affordable prices. The new living room rug design is no exception. With these new additions to the collection, customers can

Green Decore Offers a Range of Extra large Rugs at Affordable Prices

Green Decore, a renowned supplier of home decor items is excited to offer a range of extra large rugs at affordable prices. The new designs have been added to their existing collection of rugs and are now available for purchase on their website. The extra large rugs come in two types: outdoor rugs and vernal washable rugs. The Outdoor Rugs are made from recycled plastic materials, making them

Green Decore's Outdoor Rugs for Deck and Patios at Just £42

Green Decore, a UK-based sustainable home decor company, has launched a new line of outdoor rugs for deck and patios. The rugs are made from recycled plastic materials and are designed to be both environmentally friendly and stylish. Prices start from only £42, the garden rugs come in a variety of sizes and colours to suit any outdoor space. They are also waterproof and easy to clean, making them

Upgrade your Outdoor Decor with the Latest Designs of Grey Outdoor Rugs by Green …

Green Decore has added new designs to its grey outdoor rug collection. Keeping in mind the needs of youth, these rugs are easy to clean and versatile. The grey rugs are available in a variety of designs and sizes. Green Decore's outdoor rug collection is an environment-friendly option. Made from recycled plastic materials these rugs are eco-friendly and sustainable. Customers who prefer ecological products can go for this outdoor

Green Decore's Waterproof Outdoor Rugs: The Perfect Addition To Your Outdoor San …

Green Decore is a renowned brand in the world of sustainable home decor. They are proud to offer its customers a new addition to its collection of recycled plastic outdoor rugs. The latest addition is a waterproof outdoor rug. This rug offers unparalleled benefits to customers who are looking for a durable, stylish and eco-friendly option. One of the key advantages of the waterproof outdoor rug is its ability

Transform Your Living Space with Green Decore's Beautiful Rugs

As the weather gets warmer, many of us start thinking about sprucing up our outdoor living spaces. And one way to add some style and comfort to your patio, deck, or balcony is with a good quality outdoor rug. But what about indoor rugs that can withstand spills and messes? Look no further than Green Decore, a UK-based company that offers a wide range of washable indoor and outdoor rugs.

Add Style to Your Hallway With Grey Hallway Runner From Green Decore

Home decor enthusiasts who want to enhance the aesthetic appeal and practicality of their living spaces can now do so with the Grey Hallway Runner from Green Decore. These hallway runners are designed to complement any interior decor theme. It boasts a contemporary look that will add a touch of elegance to any narrow space of your home. The neutral colour of the rug allows it to blend seamlessly

Green Decore Makes Outdoor Rugs From Recycled Plastic Straws

Anything can be given new life, in the same way, plastic can also be made new into an eco-friendly, durable and beautiful outdoor rug. Crafted from recycled plastic straws, Green Decore has a new collection of Plastic Outdoor Rugs that have a timeless look to fit any outdoor setting. Known as one of the top home decor products and accessories companies, Green Decore offers a range of soft and

Take Your Interior Style Outside With The Green Decore Rug Collection

Green Decore, one of the top suppliers of home decor products, is proud to add new rugs to its Outdoor Rug Collection. It is a unique and stylish range of rugs that brings beauty and sophistication of indoor decor to any outdoor space. This collection features rugs made with recycled plastic. They are both eco-friendly and sustainable and are perfect for any outdoor space- from a patio to a

Green Decore Has An Incredible Machine Washable Indoor Rug, starting at £79

The rug industry expanded even when the effects of COVID were severe enough to have an impact on the world economy. In 2021, rug and carpet manufacturer sales in the United Kingdom were expected to be worth £756 million, according to Statista. The figure stands for the importance and popularity of rugs among buyers. As the market has become more saturated with the latest trendy rugs to attract customers,

Why Are Green Decore's Washable Indoor Rugs Nothing Less Than Extraordinary?

Rugs are a crucial component of home decor since they serve as the base for sofas and other items of furniture. However, cleaning them is a burden that nobody likes to deal with on their own, so you pay a lot of money to hire a professional to wash them. You begin to ponder: Does my aesthetic worth outweigh the hassle of maintenance and care? You should check out Green

Spice Up Your Rooms with Washable Rugs by Green Decore

After a cool and neutral winter season, Green Decore has added a range of warm and bright-colored washable rugs to its catalog. These rugs will enhance the beauty of your room. The collection of machine washable rugs is well received. The range of multicolor washable rugs that Green Decore offers are available in various sizes, from 2.6'X8', 4'X6' and 5'X7' to 6'X9' and 6.6'X10'. Grab this collection from

Green Decore pulled a Blinder by Introducing an Indoor Outdoor Rug for £37

Green Decore has unveiled another astonishing product that will lift your zeal. The company is selling a magnificent Eternity Indoor Outdoor Rug. You will be gobsmacked by the qualities this product has, since the brand is known for manufacturing eco-friendly products, and it is also made of recycled plastic bottles. The multicolour pattern on the product makes it a classy choice. You may use these rugs both indoors and outside;

A Home to Adore with Green Decore!

Here at Green Decore, we've overhauled our UK website to make it easier than ever before to find just the right décor accessories for homes and gardens. We've been adding new home décor accessories in recent months, so there's more to choose from than ever before. To make sure the sheer volume of choice in elegant and inspirational décor accents isn't too overwhelming, we've also added new ways

Ringing the Changes with Green Decore

Here at Green Decore, we have two different ranges of rugs available to order online. The Vernal Collection is a range of fully washable rugs that will add easy-clean, eco-friendly style to any room in the home. Our Outdoor Rugs, however, have been created to make them suitable for outdoor use as well as indoors. This means that customers can choose exactly the type of rug they

Spring for Citrus Spring Now!

Here at Green Decore, not only are we committed to ensuring that customers across the USA have access to the latest floor décor with our fab ranges of rugs for both homes and gardens, we're also determined to ensure that everybody lives in a sweet-smelling home too. That's why we've added a stylish range of scented candles to our website. Our Vernal Collection of Scented Candles features ten fabulous fragrances, each

Paws for Thought - Pet Pampering

As any pet owner will know, owning a dog is a life-enhancing and rewarding experience. People have been keeping pets throughout history and being a pet -owner in the 21st Century involves quite a responsibility as we've learned so much about what's best for the animal companions we keep in our homes. Owning a pet is a commitment - providing food, shelter and a secure home for life

Let the Sun Shine in with Mellow Yellow Décor

Bright yellow is one of the most uplifting of colours, bringing a bright splash of sunshine to any space, whether used inside the home or outdoors in the garden. Here at Green Decore, we know that harnessing the colour of sunshine is a great way to dispel the blues and lift the mood, even on rainy days. This is why we've chosen to add some fabulous yellow rugs to our

Transition Vamp!

Transitional Rugs are all the rage right now, despite the fact that so many people wonder what is meant by a "transitional rug". To put it as simply as possible, a transitional rug is a floor rug that combines the best of both contemporary and traditional styles. Capturing inspiration from the classic design motifs of well-loved, traditional carpeting, then enhancing these with the colours now available using modern

America's New Range of Home Decor Products from Green Decore

Green Decore now has a website for America, dedicated to providing our customers across the USA with a wealth of home décor accessories that won't damage our environment. We're committed to providing access to eco-friendly home décor products made from recycled and/or sustainable materials. With climate change becoming an increasingly worrying issue, we want to do our part in saving this beautiful planet that we all live on. We have an

Red Alert on Floor Décor!

When decorating the home, paying attention to the floors in the home is essential. Whilst most people opt for relatively subtle colours that will mix and match with so many different hues of furniture, there are others who will want something a little different on the floor. Here at Green Decore, we have a collection of red coloured rugs that will add the Wow Factor without overwhelming the rest of

Going Green - Floor Décor that Doesn't Damage our Plane

Going Green is the way forward, both for our planet and for our home décor choices. Here at Green Decore, we're committed to providing our customers with eco-friendly and/or sustainable home décor accessories that don't damage our planet. Today, we're going to take a look at the green coloured rugs on our website which are all an obvious choice when looking for a green rug. Our Gala Outdoor Rug in Herbal

Hello America - Green Decore Outdoor Rugs Have Arrived!

We're excited to announce that Green Decore Outdoor Rugs are also available in America, along with some of our other stylish home décor accessories. These include a collection of washable indoor rugs, a delicious range of scented candles, some of which are currently on offer at a reduced price, along with the whole selection of our chic planter duo sets. We have a huge selection of these outdoor

A Rhapsody of Bohemian Rugs

Here at Green Decore, we realise that there are so many people on this planet, with so many different types of taste. We know that not everybody conforms to the norm and we have living amongst us some interesting people who choose a more Bohemian style - especially when it comes to dress and décor. The way we dress and the way we style our surroundings, especially our

Outdoor Décor - Rugs Galore!

If you haven't yet succumbed to the latest summer style accessory, you're missing out in a big way! Outdoor rugs have become a popular addition to garden seating areas in recent years and it's easy to see why. Wherever you choose to sit outside, you're likely to have spent plenty of time and effort in creating a comfortable and inviting space. There are so many different options

Machine Washable Indoor Rugs - Practical Floor Decor

Here at Green Decore, we're excited to announce that we've added a stylish range of Washable Indoor Rugs to our US website - the Vernal Collection, all available to order online across the United States of America. As with all of our other home décor accessories, we've made sure that these rugs are an eco-friendly option as they're made from premium recycled polyester. What's more, cleaning is easy

Green Decore Rugs in Earthy Shades of Orange and Brown

With the sun beating down on us this summer, what better way to celebrate all this fabulous weather than by embracing orange in our décor themes. Orange, brown and tan shades all deliver a warm and welcoming atmosphere wherever they are used. Here at Green Decore, we have some beautiful rugs in orange and brown shades, all designed to provide our customers with fabulous floor décor teamed with

Modern Makeover Magic - Floor Décor

Home décor has become a passion for so many of us, spurred on by an endless offering of reality TV makeover shows that we love to sit and enjoy while we relax in our homes. Here at Green Decore, we take an avid interest in the subject of interior décor as we're committed to providing our customers with a wide range of floor décor for homes and gardens, along

Garden Glamour Made Easy with Green Decore

Spending time in the garden has become more popular in recent years, especially as Covid rampaged around the planet keeping so many of us at home for weeks at a time. Having somewhere safe and comfortable to sit and enjoy ourselves outside of the confines of our homes has become more necessary than ever before. This has led to so many people spending money that once may have

Dial Up the Style in the Dining Room!

When it comes to dining room décor (, our Green Decore Outdoor Rugs will work just as well indoors as out in the garden. In fact, these rugs are a popular choice in so many rooms indoors and shouldn't be ear-marked as just for garden use. The many benefits that make them ideal for outside use also serve to make the rugs a great option in so many

How to Cook in Style - Add a Kitchen Rug

For most families, the kitchen is the busiest room in the home, usually getting messier than most other rooms. This is fine as the kitchen is really a room that gets a lot of work done in it - the cooking, washing up, laundry, etc. This means that the kitchen is usually the room where most mess and spills happen, so keeping the floor clean can be a

Easy-Clean Rugs for Busy Homes

Green Decore has recently added a range of fully washable area rugs to our American website. These Vernal Rugs come in a wide range of colors, designs and sizes and are all available to order online across the United States of America. Along with Green Decore's other collections of home décor accessories, we've included these brand new offerings to ensure that our customers have a wide choice when

Black is the New Black

Whilst many people avoid using black furnishings and décor items to avoid darkening the atmosphere and mood, when used with a touch of panache and teamed with the right décor items, black really can be the last word in snazzy style. A black rug really can be the home décor equivalent of the little black dress - delivering an elegant and polished sense of style to any seating space.

The Best Rugs for Kids' Rooms, Playrooms and Nurseries

It's common knowledge that kids are messy - any home that has children living in it is likely to look a lot more "lived-in" than a home without children. Children spill stuff - on the table, on the floor, down the walls, in the bathtub. Keeping the home spick and span at all times when there are children involved is just a pipe-dream. Most parents are grateful

Top Three Rugs to Grace the Garden this Year

Green Decore offers a huge collection of Outdoor Rugs in a wide range of colours, designs and sizes. All are available to order online for fast, free delivery. These Outdoor Rugs are woven from plastic straws that have been made from recycled single-use plastics, keeping them out of our environment and oceans. We are committed to providing our customers with eco-friendly options that don't damage our planet. We've been in the

Choosing the Perfect Rug for the Garden

Adding a stylish rug is always an easy yet effective way of changing things up in any room. Whilst buying new furniture is costly and has to be carefully planned, buying a new rug is a great way of transforming the décor in a room and giving it a whole new look. Add some new cushions that match the new rug and it will look as if the room has

How to Make a Style Statement in your Garden with Outdoor Floor Decor

Garden furniture has come a long way over the past 20 years, with outdoor furniture sets now available in a huge variety of styles and made from a range of different textiles, both natural and synthetic. Patio sets have become more affordable than ever before and customers can even pick up a small, plastic table and chairs set in large supermarkets at a really cheap rate whilst doing their weekly

Jute Alors! Floor Décor for the 21st Century Lifestyle

Jute has been cultivated, harvested and used to make textiles since around the 3rd millennium BC and for hundreds of years it was a huge part of the culture of Bangladesh, West Bengal and Assam. Jute plants (in the genus Corchorus) are a primary source of natural fibres that are used to make hessian or burlap, and used in the construction, fishing, arms and arts industries. The long,

Don't Sweep Your Style Under the Rug!

Whilst wall-to-wall carpets were a popular home decor choice when affordable carpet became available to the average householder back in the 1950s and 1960s, they have become a less popular purchase in recent years. There are a few reasons for this, which include an increase in the availability of laminate flooring, the development of modern, stylish linoleum and, in many countries the increase in affordable floor tile options.

Add a Blast Of Colour To The Garden This Summer

An outdoor rug is the ideal décor accessory for summer living - whether for long days on the deck, beside the pool, at the beach or on camping trips. All of our rugs are resistant to water damage, stains and moth larvae, which means they're perfect for outdoor use. We use non-toxic dyes in UV-stable colours to ensure a high level of protection from the strong rays of the sun.

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