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vSecureLabs Launches Identity & Access Management (IAM) Service

Identity and access management (IAM) is a framework that consists of policies, technologies, and processes that helps organizations to manage and control the user's access to critical digital assets and data. IAM ensures that users are assigned the right level of access based on their specific role in the organization and hence improves the security posture and user experience. Why is IAM Important? We live in a world where new cyberattacks

Identity and Access Management: Glossary of Terms

The unique need for enterprise security is changing the way… … enterprise owners & corporate executives are adopting Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions. The worldwide cost of cybercrime will extend by 15% per year over the coming five years, as per cybersecurity ventures. Therefore, to combat such neck-breaking security threats, enterprises should leverage IAMs & understand the key terminologies associated with this discipline. Glossary of Terms Associated with IAM: A: Access Management: It is a mechanism

5 IAM Best Practices That You Should Follow to Secure Your Enterprise

Enterprises, more than ever, are adopting IAM to provide … … better control and access to users and employees. But, simply integrating an IAM solution won’t be enough to secure your enterprise. You also need to enforce IAM best practices for providing verified access to confidential and sensitive corporate data. Let’s discuss these best practices in detail… List of IAM Best Practices: Not surprisingly, external threat actors keep looking for prospects to streamline large-scale cyber attacks. The

Top 5 Cyber-Security Tips For Remote Employees

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed the way companies and organizations used to work. Companies have adapted themselves and are advocating the work-from-home style of working rather than office work. Having said that, employees and companies need to be aware of the cyberthreats. You must keep your data, work, and information safe and secure. So, here are five effective cybersecurity tips for the work from home employees – 1. Use Two Or Multi-Factor Authentication: Other than

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