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Dena Falken - A trailblazer with Legal-Ease International

Dena Falken is a thinker who likes to do research on various topics. She has a long history as a founder of Legal-Ease International, with various trainers and mentors. She has come up with the best strategies for resolving students issues learning Legal English, in more than 50 countries. Dena Falken has the special responsibility of training interpreters, paralegals, attorneys, paralegals, and legal staff to navigate any complex case. Dena

WHATSAPP Legal English group with Legal-Ease International

Legal-Ease International the World Leader in Legal English has begun for the first Time a WhatsApp group. This group provides vocabulary and different terms to participants each day. The terms are sent out daily, Dena Falken Founder of Legal-Ease International is hands on in this endeavor. It is a daily reminder of the terms learned in the Legal-Ease Seminar. It also provides a free service for Foreign Legal professionals that can

Dena Falken Trains Foreign Law Professionals, Different from Competitors

How does Legal-Ease International differentiate itself itself from competitors? We are the World Leader in Legal English. I created this industry when there was no competition. We go to the country of our clients. This eliminates the need for them to travel and reduces expenses. All our trainers are U.S. lawyers giving us knowledge of the language of the law. We speak several languages. We are the first and foremost

What Entrepreneurs need to succeed - Dena Falken of Legal-Ease International int …

What would you say are the top 3 skills needed to be a successful #entrepreneur#, and why? Drive – You have to believe in what you are doing. There are so challenges and obstacles. If you do not believe 100 per cent in what you are providing, it is easy to falter. Think higher up, see the big picture. Focus – Entrepreneurs will hear all the reasons why the idea cant work.

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