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14.12.07 - Carlsson

Carlsson CD32 - a mass of class (Basis ML 320 CDI)

For all off-road enthusiasts the famous Mercedes-Benz tuner Carlsson is offering a complete tuning package, which clearly, if tastefully, underlines the modern features of the M-Class. Big, voluminous... mehr

17.10.07 - Carlsson

New Carlsson C-Tronic® for more diesel power

Simple plug and drive installation • CD22 for C / E Class 220CDI / +34 bhp / + 80 Nm • CD32 for C / E / S / ML 320 CDI / +42 bhp / +102 Nm • 3 years works warranty and TÜV approval With t... mehr

17.09.07 - Carlsson

Carlsson Aigner CK65 "Eau Rouge"

Luxury coupé with V12 engine and over 700 bhp • Developed in cooperation with leather-lifestyle brand Aigner • Top engineering "made in Germany" Mercedes-Benz tuning specialists Carlsson ha... mehr

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