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Artificial Paintings Releases an NFT AI Artwork Collection With Physical Analogs

A tech company, Artificial Paintings, now offers their customers physical paintings - analogs of produced NFT. Customers can have a printed version of the purchased token. Artificial Paintings has started to trade its AI-generated digital artworks as NFTs. The company has already partnered with several NFT-marketplaces, where users can purchase non-fungible tokens. Recently, the tech company released a new collection of digital artworks , where every digital asset has a

Artificial Paintings Releases NFT

Artificial Paintings - a tech company that trained AI to create works of digital art - has transformed its AI-driven digital paintings into NFTs. The company has already presented more than a hundred of NFTs and plans to keep releasing more. An NFT (non-fungible token) is a unique piece of digital artwork stored on a digital ledger. Non-fungible means that the digital asset is not interchangeable. In 2021, the NFT

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