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SuiteCRM SMS Drip Campaign (Premium): New Way of Automated Scheduled Messaging

Businesses are always looking for a way for sending personalized SMS automatically. It not only saves time of the business person, but also helps brands to keep on top of the customer's mind. So, in a nutshell, companies need a software application which can automatically send personalized messages to their customers at the right time. We at OutRight Store has developed a tool that is capable of sending the direct

NEW LAUNCHING: SuiteCRM Activity Monitor Product

Yesterday, we launched a CRM product for your business called SuiteCRM Activity Monitor. It will help you to get a daily user activity report to reckon which user performs the activity in CRM. A product will open information of user access to any of your records along with the number of times he/she did. This Product of SuiteCRM is for every version and is for unlimited users. It's a great

OutRight Store launches SuiteCRM Fields & Panels Importer Plugin

Building new custom fields and panels in SuiteCRM might be an easy task but it is certainly time-consuming as well. The simple task of creating a new field requires a lot of steps from creating labels, names and then drag-n-dropping them into a module via studio. Here we talked about one new field only and now think what if you need to create more such fields in every module? Unquestionably

NEW LAUNCHING: SugarCRM Google Calendar Integration (Lite)

Yesterday, 16th June 2021, we launched a scintillating product called SugarCRM Google Calendar Integration (Lite) version for all the businesses. The reason behind launching this extension is the integration of every incoming Event, meeting between you and your clients on both platforms. The events or calls you marked on Google calendar will now be visible in SugarCRM software as well. No chance to miss it! This Evergreen product offers Lifetime


Outright Systems has a splendid plugin for keeping an email conversation of your customer in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) safely. A plugin that doesn’t spin out of control and gives you innumerable benefits in your business life. Introducing SuiteCRM BCC Archive Premium Version which we launched today to boost up your productivity as the extension is remarkable enough for micromanaging the customer email. In the past, users faced the problem

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