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Press Releases from SONO Music Group (3 total)

SONO Music Group announces Paces (feat. Moors) the new Single by Kura Sky.

Kura Sky's debut single 'Paces' is a melting pot of electronic music, ambient soundscapes and a sweet ethereal voice. Out April 16th. Listen to / Pre-Save ‘Paces (feat. Moors)’ here: Made almost entirely in separate rooms, counties and countries, Kura Sky’s debut track ‘Paces (feat. Moors)’ features a collaboration with the New Zealand/Brighton-based band Moors. The song explores themes of finding hope and reverie as a response to the myriad changes

The sounds of the jungle, Dontmesswithjuan releases her new single, Mr. Uchi.

SONO Music Group announces Mr. Uchi, the new single by Dontmesswithjuan, another story, another trip, this time in the jungle. Listen to ‘Mr. Uchi’ here: 'This is the story of fictional character Juan who meets with Mr. Uchi, a wonderful bird representing nature. By understanding that nature is a part of him, and that he is a part of nature, Juan will be able to finish his pursuit of happiness.

Young, talented, analogic. They’re The Lanes, from the UK.

SONO Music Group announces the first release with The Lanes, a young and talented band from the UK. Listen to ‘There’s A Locked Up Safe’ here: 'There's A Locked Up Safe' is a shout of support to those stuck in dark places, struggling with the strain of growing up in the modern age on mental health. It goes on to emphasise that there is a light at the end of

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