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Monkeypox as a global emergency - HGH introduces the first antigen saliva self-t …

With more than 16,000 confirmed cases in over 70 countries worldwide, the monkeypox virus has been declared a global health emergency by WHO on July 23rd. Just about 2 years ago uncertainty concerning COVID-19 was very present and the possibility of getting tested was rather restricted. You had to go to testing centres or pharmacies to simply know if there was a current infection. Nowadays, we all know and value

New HGH Saliva Antigen Covid Test gamechanger

An Austrian company HGH Disinfection und Cosmetique Gmbh, based in 9020 Klagenfurt created with a Korean partner a unique antigen salvia test unit which is so simple that anybody can use it. Till now mass testing was nasal stick by government and doctors. Now this new test unit can be used by everybody without a scarry stick in the nose and a result with 95% is ready in 10

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