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Digital customer onboarding process by Celusion Technologies

We keep hearing the term Digital Customer Onboarding and wonder what it is all about. This blog is an effort to explain Digital Customer Onboarding and how it has changed the way businesses think and act in a fast-moving dynamic world. In the pre-digital world, the process of onboarding a customer involved a lot of paperwork, one-on-one human interactions and a lot of time, maybe a few days or over

Fintech Companies are Benefiting by using Video KYC platform

Who are Fintech Companies? Financial technology, also known as fintech, is a nascent economic sector consisting of companies that use technology to bring more efficiency to financial services. Normally they are startups that disrupt the status quo by providing faster and more efficient solutions than the traditional alternatives. There are around 2174 fintech startups in India. Fintech companies are at the cusp of finance and technology that helps to bring in

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