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06-02-2021 | Sports

How The U.S. Legal Sports Betting Business Is Fundamentally Disadvantaged

(*Of course, there are advantages, too) Some people say “Not all bets are not created equal”. With local bookies operating through pay-per-head websites, it’s a world where credit is king. In all regulated markets expanding all across the U.S., the game it’s quite different.  At a legal sportsbook, a bettor will have to post-up the funds, meaning if he’s betting $22 on the Patriots to win $20, he must first put down $22
10-14-2020 | Sports

Where major games struggled due to social distancing, sportsbooks are finding ne …

In these stressful times, whether they be because of wars, emergencies or economic crashes, people tend to look for what distractions they can find. These can be in the form of books, films, television, taking up a new hobby, and often betting. Although these distractions can often just be seen as temporary relief, they can offer something for people to fall into for a few hours and forget what is

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