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19.05.09 - Aardvark Records

Aardvark Records music video licensing deal with the Independent Coffee Network

Aardvark Records and World Wide Arts’ Independent Coffee Network have announced a licensing deal which sees the British record label supply the US-based music video entertainment provider with its p... mehr

28.08.07 - Aardvark Records

Aardvark Music Announces Precedent Setting Deal With Voeveo

Aardvark Music has today announced a precedent setting deal with the independent online community marketplace for mobile content, Aardvark is the first independent UK label to begin uploa... mehr

24.08.07 - Aardvark Records

Aardvark Music mixes it up with Mixsic

Aardvark Music has today announced another precedent setting deal involving the online video and audio mixing company Mixsic. Aardvark is one of the first labels to strike a deal with the US-based Mi... mehr

21.08.07 - Aardvark Records

Mobile Streams and Aardvark Music announce strategic partnership

Aardvark Music Ltd and one of the world\'s leading mobile content providers, Mobile Streams, today announced a global strategic partnership. Under the terms of the agreement, Aardvark’s content incl... mehr

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