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Mango Animate Makes It Easy to Create Your Own Cartoon Character

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own cartoon character ( but didn’t know how or where to start, Mango Animate is here to the rescue. The Mango Animate Character Animation Maker (Mango Animate CM) is suitable for beginners as well as experienced animators. It’s perfect for creating cartoon characters for use in animated videos or use on social media pages. According to Ken Glenn, CMO of Mango Animate, “Creating a

The Free 2D Character Animation Maker Will Be Launched by Mango Animate

After the Mango Animate Animation Maker is welcomed by many users, Mango Animate will launch a free 2D character animation ( maker that will satisfy users’ self-designed needs in an original way. The free character animation software enables users to import their own static images such as PNG images and PSD files. Users can add bones to the images which are not limited to humans, animals, and plants and they

Mango Animate Enables Teachers to Animate a Character for Virtual Classrooms

Since distance learning has become a key component of educational institutions, it’s crucial to continue looking for ways to keep students interested. A unique and efficient way to teach a lesson is to animate a character ( with Mango Animate CM. Teachers can now create a lively animation by implementing a realistic cartoon character version of themselves or others into their lesson plans.  “It has been fascinating to watch how our software is

Mango Animate Whiteboard Presentation Software Makes Presenters’ Ideas Shine

Corporate meetings can get pretty dull, especially if the same people keep meeting to discuss similar topics. This can lead to persons losing focus and missing important details. Mango Animate has found a way to beat the boredom and make meetings more engaging with its whiteboard presentation software ( The Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker (Mango Animate WM) will erase the memories of conventional slideshows and replace them with lively,

Mango Animate Offers Whiteboard Animation Software to Replace Dull Presentations

In an era where engaging a digital audience is becoming the norm, Mango Animate’s new whiteboard animation software ( provides an alternative to simple lectures and visual presentations. Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker, otherwise known as Mango Animate WM, allows educators, business people, animation professionals and amateurs alike to build custom hand-drawn animated videos for their presentations with a few simple steps. “We know from experience just how complicated whiteboard animation

Mango Animate Offers Versatile Explainer Video Software

For the average business people seeking to elevate their business to new levels, an explainer video can be the ideal marketing tool. Explainer videos catch people’s eyes quickly and if done right, will keep them interested until the desired message is passed on. The Mango Animate Animation Maker (Mango Animate AM) is one of the best explainer video software ( available for use by businesses today. Developed by animation software

Mango Animate Develops Animation Software That Is Available for Everyone

Mango Animate recently launched its animation software ( that can be used to create highly advanced animations. Despite its advanced capabilities, the new animation software boasts a simple and intuitive interface that can be used by people who have no knowledge of coding or graphic design. “The Mango Animate animation software has been designed to combine powerful functionality with ease of use,” said Winston Zhang, CEO of Mango Animate. “By enabling

Mango Animate Launches Its Animation Software for All Industries

Users can design captivating animated videos whether they are in the education, entertainment, engineering, or medical industries. Mango Animate has launched its new animation software ( to help users design animated videos for various purposes. The software enables them to create different types of animations using the features provided to ensure they achieve the highest levels of detail during their video creation process. With this tool, they can design explainer videos,

Mango Animate Releases a Whiteboard Video Maker to Explain Intricate Products

When users have technical or intricate products to market, they can use whiteboard videos to make people understand how they work and their benefits. Mango Animate has released a whiteboard video maker ( that helps businesses educate their customers about their products and processes. Whiteboard videos are excellent for providing detailed information about brands or products as they can synthesize and condense facts with utmost effectiveness. When presenting content, whiteboards

Mango Animate Launches a Doodle Video Maker for Pitching Products to Customers

Doodle video maker from Mango Animate helps users create doodle videos to pitch products to loyal and potential customers and influence their purchasing decisions. Mango Animate has unveiled a doodle video maker ( for creating e-commerce videos, mobile app videos, product and service videos, training videos, and more. The software helps users turn hand-drawn art into engaging doodle videos that feature their brands, products, and other offerings they want to highlight.

Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker Is Now Available for Download

After months of anticipation, animated video creators will be pleased to know that the Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker (Mango Animate WM) is now available for download and use at This whiteboard animation maker is ideal for personal use as well as for educational and business interests. It can be downloaded and used for free, but for even more advanced features, professional animators may want to go for one

Mango Animate's Whiteboard Animation Software Is Great for Making Brand Videos

In this technological age, businesses are always seeking innovative ways to build their brand and attract customers. The Whiteboard animation software ( from Mango Animate, can help in a number of ways. The software can be downloaded and used for free, but the paid version is a wise investment for businesses to make. “Our whiteboard animation software is for everyone,” says Ivan Leung, CTO of Mango Animate. “I believe though, that

Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker Is Awaiting Its Official Unveiling

Whiteboard animation makers are everywhere today but beginner-friendly whiteboard video software is rare to find just like developers and designers are reaching a secret consensus to make it as complex as possible. Users who have enough of this over-complicated software would find it easy, quick, and handy to use ( Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker (Mango Animate WM). Mango Animate WM aims to be the most user-friendly whiteboard animation maker

Mango Animate Brings an Animation Maker That Benefits Anyone

Mango Animate recently launched an animation maker ( designed to benefit a variety of people. Suitable for both professional and personal use, the new animation maker is available free of charge, enabling more people to enjoy the power of animation. “While animation is a powerful tool, we feel that many people are unable to enjoy its capabilities due to a lack of knowledge or limited financial resources,” said Winston Zhang, CEO

Mango Animate Whiteboard Video Maker Helps to Retain Viewer Attention

Mango Animate has just rolled out its whiteboard video maker ( for creating stunning whiteboard animations. The company understands the power of whiteboard animations in helping to build brand awareness and driving sales. Users can now use the tools provided to create whiteboard animations that will break down information to make it understandable to the audience. The current digital market is taking notice of video information more than the written

Mango Animate Is Set for the Release of Its Whiteboard Video Maker

Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker (Mango Animate WM) is a dynamic whiteboard video maker ( set for its highly-anticipated release this week. The simple yet powerful animation software allows for easy creation of whiteboard videos by providing pre-designed templates, drag and drop tools, 2D characters, voiceover options and more. Mango Animate WM offers a vast library of hand types in various sizes and gestures. Creators can personalize their content by selecting

Mango Animate Animation Maker Is Available for Creating Promo Videos

Mango Animate recently rolled out an animation maker ( to enable users to create promo videos for their brands. Promotional videos are effective in attracting and retaining customer attention. They give businesses a competitive edge as they help them build lasting relationships with their customers. They can utilize the exemplary tools offered by Mango Animate to convey brand messages that promote growth. Through promo videos, users can demonstrate their products

Mango Animate Animation Maker Is Launched for Making Character Videos

Mango Animate helps its clients present business ideas in the most appealing ways to their customers through character videos. Its animation maker ( makes it easy for users to utilize animated characters with definite roles to reach out to viewers' emotions through great storytelling. Now it's faster and more straightforward for enterprises and marketers to solve their customers' pain points by delivering information and products they need. Character videos often help

Mango Animate Presents Users a Free Animation Maker to Make GIFs and Videos

Mango Animate Animation Maker (a.k.a. Mango Animate AM) is one of the latest animation software ( developed by Mango Animate. Offering a multitude of strong features within the software, this free animation maker lets individuals make animated videos like a pro. Users will be supported by numerous well-designed templates, various animation media, easy to operate interface, and hundreds of built-in widgets when making animated videos and GIFs. This free animation maker

Users Will Make Whiteboard Animation Videos Easily on Mango Animate Software

Mango WM is the upcoming whiteboard animation software that Mango Animate plans to launch after the success of the Mango Animation Maker. It specializes in making whiteboard animation videos ( suitable for almost all industries and fields. Mango Animation Maker's features include infinite canvas, hundreds of templates, stunning scene transitions, lively camera settings, types of animation effects, and flexible video distribution options. While Mango WM, standing on the success of Mango

Mango Animate Provides SMEs with Powerful Business Video Maker to Grow Sales

Economies all over the world are facing a downturn as a result of the current health crisis. Businesses need creative ways to drum up sales and increase revenue all on limited budgets. The Mango Animation Maker is perfect for this. It is a top-notch business video maker ( that lets businesses create animation videos on a tight budget for a number of purposes. For business owners seeking investment in their operations

Mango Animate Announces Animation Video Software to Make Learning Interesting

Mango Animate has just released an animation video ( software that can be used in learning institutions to enhance learners’ understanding of concepts. Animated videos help improve learners' practical skills by allowing them to interpret animated characters and connect them with the topics they are covering. Mango Animate has enabled educators to be innovative and make their lessons enjoyable and easy to understand. Animation videos help students of all

Mango Animate Rolls Out a Video Maker to Help Explain Medical Processes

Mango Animate is redefining the way people create animated videos by rolling out their latest video maker ( for creating animation videos for medical and healthcare. The company understands how challenging it sometimes is to communicate complex health topics and other healthcare issues. Animated videos can help healthcare institutions to train their staff on how to effectively explain new products to patients using animations or demonstrate new practices. Pharmaceuticals can

Mango Animate Launches an Animation Video Maker That Helps Simplify Complex Idea …

Mango Animate is an acclaimed software developer who turns users into professional designers and marketers. The company has just launched an animation video maker ( for video content marketing. Now non-designers and designers can easily create stunning animated videos and share them with viewers worldwide. The software allows them access to innovative tools and functionalities that enrich their video projects and prepare them for the market. The animation video maker empowers

Mango Animate: The Perfect Go-to Platform for Making Animated Video Ads

Marketers, advertisers, promoters, or even creative directors all around the world are looking to explore a new way to make advertisements that stand from others and meanwhile effectively deliver their messages to the audience. Using animated videos ( for ads is a wise move. However, in a market that is saturated with tons of complicated software in this niche, Mango Animation Maker has become the perfect go-to platform for making

Mango Animate Unveils the Most Anticipated Animation Video Maker in 2020

As the world continues to experience technological advances with most services going online, lots of individuals and businesses have had to turn to tools that will help them maximize the opportunities created by the internet. One of such is the use of animation videos to communicate easily with a specific audience. However, it is no news that most of the available options are either too expensive or have a complicated

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