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Press Releases from Victoria Capital (6 total) Announces June results at 10.34% and renews its offer to double interes …

One week follows another: too fast, too high, the price of major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and etherum has fallen sharply in recent weeks, struggling to find solid support to stabilize (before a hypothetical new race). It is in this context that, the leader in managed cryptocurrency arbitrage, has just achieved its second consecutive month of double-digit performance, at 10,34%, with inflows up sharply. The median investment also increased to €30725. Announces March results at 8.64%

While the main cryptos, often pegged to the bitcoin price, continue to experience swings that keep many people awake at night, continue to achieve a performance that is not only steady for years but steadily increasing (8.64% for march). Behind the scenes, their teams have been working hard over the past few months to put in place a colossal amount of computing power to boost their systems, combined with new Announces January 2021 results at 8.39% ended January with a performance of 8.39%, in line with the annual objective of more than 150% return. It was much more interesting to invest with for the last two years than to keep your Bitcoins. Has the sharp increase in the price of bitcoin in recent times changed the situation? Keeping all your Bitcoins means taking a very risky bet on the future by accepting to lose 30% Announces 2020 performance at 154%

While Bitcoin surpassed its historical highs (so called ATH), the altcoins were more chaotic at the end of the year. A context once again favorable to arbitrage allows to achieve outstanding performance, also historical, at 8.44%, to finish the year 2020, which has been complicated in many other respects. This resulted in an annual performance of 154%, exceeding targets and up 23% compared to 2019. While the number of Announces November results at 8.37%

Against a backdrop of an almost generalized increase of cryptocurrencies, the automated arbitrage trading platform achieved a performance of 8.37% in November, confirming the net annual target of 116%. Bitcoin has gained more than 70 % in recent weeks, beating its previous records one by one. In general enthusiasm, everyone is rushing to buy it, both regular investors and newcomers. Beyond the announcement of PayPal entering the Bitcoin sphere and several other Announces June results at 8.19%

"From Scam to Miracle," JP Morgan Chase assumes his Bitcoin turn. The largest U.S. bank by assets and Bitcoin’s ‘Biggest Enemy’ has reportedly started providing banking services to bitcoin businesses, with the first two clients being Coinbase and Gemini exchanges. JPMorgan also recently recommended having cryptocurrency in investment portfolios as its CEO, Jamie Dimon, changed his mind about bitcoin. This is a strong signal that crypto-currencies have become an integral part

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