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Press Releases from Coinpass (3 total) Selected for London & Partners Business Growth Program 2020 is proud to announce they will be participating in the London & Partners'​ Business Growth Programme commencing the week of September 14th, 2020, alongside many other innovative London-based businesses, with support from the Mayor of London and the London & Partners growth and innovation fund. We are one of the thirty businesses selected that are bringing crypto, blockchain, and fintech adoption to the forefront for the UK and helping to

Regulation on Crypto – UK's opportunity to become the World Leader

Key terms like bitcoin, blockchain & crypto usually go hand in hand with describing the key attributes of decentralised digital currencies. If you add regulation into the equation you will either lose your audience or potentially enrage a crypto maximalist. Cryptocurrency's short history not only as an asset but as a market has grown and evolved on its own as a without any government or regulatory oversight. This uninhibited growth

CryptoAM Awards coinpass global Best Cryptocurrency Exchange of 2020

The CryptoAM Awards is an annual event bringing together the UK and Europes best and brightest blockchain, crypto, fintech, innovators and community contributors together for an amazing evening of speaking, networking and awards. The companies that were nominated and finalised, we're split into the following categories: Best Payment Service Provider Best Digital Asset Custodian Best Incubator / VC Best Crypto Exchange Platform Best Deployment in Fintech Outstanding Industry Contribution Best Social Impact & Sustainability Best Community Enhancement Best Enterprise Blockchain

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