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William Meikle's The Midnight Eye Files: The Sirens launches on April 19th, 2008

At first it's a simple lost son case, but for Glasgow PI Derek Adams things turn quickly to the twilight zone. Soon he's on a remote island and up to his hips in mer-women, shape changers and ancient fisher cults. Running back to the city doesn't help; there's mayhem on the streets. An ancient god is waking up, and only blood will stop him. The Sirens is the second in William

The perfect cure for anybody suffering from Harry Potter withdrawal is now here

GENERATIONS, a new novel by Scottish author William Meikle, provides action, adventure, brave teenagers, eccentric adults, and a whole array of magical beasts that must be destroyed.... or befriended. The book is published by Anglo-Spanish publisher Libros International. ISBN: 1905988230 , 220pp, RRP £6.99 Tom wants to see a dragon. And his Grandad wants to make one. But neither of them are prepared for the consequences when they accidentally spill Grandad's

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