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Ki67 as an additional marker on circulating tumor cells

Ki67 is a nuclear protein that is associated with cell proliferation. Ki67 is present during all active phases of the growth cycle, but is absent in resting (quiescent) cells. Ki67 is identified with the IHC method. The presence of Ki67 protein on circulating tumor cells indicates the percentage of circulating tumor cells in the active growth phase of the cell cycle. Higher amounts are associated with an increased risk of

Antithrombotic management plan for cancer patients

In Germany Thrombosis occurs 470.000 timesevery year - as often as a new cancer is diagnosed. With 44.000 deadly lung artery embolisms every year, thrombosis is very dangerous. Around 30 independent risk factors are known. One of the more important risk factors seems to be the amount of intracirculatory tissue factor molecules which is brought into circulation bound to the circulating epithelial cells. Tissue factor is always active to start the

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