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Christmas – a time of charity for Questico and its experienced psychics

Questico, the portal for all psychic life advice, makes a plea for charitable causes at Christmas and shows how it’s done. The peaceful Christmas period is characterised in particular as being a time for families. The festive season is one to be spent with our nearest and dearest, to enjoy being together and exchanging presents. But what about our fellow human beings who aren’t so lucky? At this, the nicest but

The esoteric is back in force – Questico recommends esoteric books

The bestseller “The Oracle ot the Moon” is recommended by Questico`s advicors Questico’s astrologers highly recommend “The Oracle of the Moon“ by the best-selling author Frédéric Lenoir. This novel combines an opulent historical biography set in the Renaissance with mystical questions of faith, oracles and astrology. What is the meaning of our life? What part do religion and faith, oracles and astrology, destiny and the stars really play in our modern civilisation?

Full moon over Britain and with advisors of Questico

A great number of associations are made with regard to the full moon: in horror films, of course, it is responsible for causing harmless teenagers to turn into werewolves. There again, in the musical world it has inspired such hit songs as “Moonlight Serenade”. Many events have been attributed to its allure and much has been explained by its presence (for instance, insomnia, irritability, sleep-walking or “honeymoons”). Also, lunar horoscopes

Questico wishes Prince Charles a very Happy Birthday and presents him with his o …

Happy Birthday! - His Royal Highness Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Knight of the Garter, Knight of the Order of the Thistle, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath, Privy Councillor, Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester, Duke of Cornwall and Rothesay, Earl of Carrick and Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland. Questico UK offers our congratulations! Questico astrologers have

Questico recommends the musical: “Miss Bollywood“

“Miss Bollywood” is a fun-filled musical and a celebration of Bollywood\'s kitsch and splendour as well as its unique brand of humour in a colourful, contemporary, yet cultured representation of Bollywood. Questico, the leading internet portal for astrology, psychic readings and card readings, heartily recommends this musical, because the entire Indian crew is very devout and lives according to the rules of astrology. With Shilpa Shetty playing the lead character,

Questico has over 100 specialists in vedic astrology and karma astrology

Not only is Bollywood currently a big hit. Vedic astrology and karma astrology are up and coming. The life advice portal, Questico has over 100 specialists in vedic astrology and karma astrology. Vedic astrology is still used in India as an integral element of important life decisions. As in the case of Aishwarya Rai, the former Miss World and one of the best paid female stars in Bollywood. She was once married

International Left-handers Day with Questico

Anyone who is given a left-handed handshake from a smiling person this month shouldn’t be surprised: once a year, International Left-handers Day offers left-handed people the chance to be at the centre of things and to make others aware of their needs. This is all too necessary: in the Middle Ages they were burnt at the stake as witches, forcibly re-trained until well into the 20th century and today more

Nicolas Cage as a clairvoyant

Questico’s cinema tip: a blockbuster from the US with Cage as a clairvoyant In the exciting new thriller “Next“, Cage plays a man who has visions which enable him to see a few minutes into the future. Traumatised by events in his childhood, Cage, alias Cris Johnson, flees to Las Vegas. There he performs as a magician until the FBI asks him to save the world from a catastrophe. It’s not only

Questico opens its UK Internet portal

Well known personalities in the British esoteric scene give around the clock guidance Berlin, London July 31. 2007. The phones haven’t stopped ringing since Questico‘s esoteric portal opened. Now, those in the UK who are looking for advice can search the portal for an advisor and make contact with them, but many professional esoteric advisors are also contacting Questico to offer their services. Right from the outset, Questico UK has attracted

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