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10.12.08 - iCallGlobe Ltd.

New Look, Live Radio at, an offering of iCallGlobe, one of the leading global players in the domain of IP telephony, has recently announced the revamping of its website along with the addition of a new feature, ... mehr

25.09.08 - iCallGlobe Ltd.

Special Asian VoIP Calling Rates at has recently announced the release of a new tariff plan for calling to India and other Asian countries. An offering of leading VoIP telephony service providers iCallGlobe, the website is ... mehr

23.09.08 - iCallGlobe Ltd.

YouTring Announces Global Reseller Platform For VoIP Calling, a social networking cum IP telephony website, has recently announced the launch of its global reseller program. An offering of iCallGlobe Ltd., the website is already a hit among the glo... mehr

20.03.08 - iCallGlobe Ltd.

iCallGlobe to initiate Refer-and-Earn P2P model

Banking high on the importance of P2P referrals, iCallGlobe UK, one of the leading VoIP providers, will be introducing a P2P earning scheme on its soon-to-be-launched VoIP telephony based website. iCa... mehr

19.03.08 - iCallGlobe Ltd.

iCallGlobe's latest offering just about to unveil

iCallGlobe UK is just a few days away from launching its latest offering to the online industry, a VoIP telephony based portal. It would be focused towards providing free PC-to-PC and cost-effective P... mehr

19.03.08 - iCallGlobe Ltd.

iCallGlobe announces completion of its VoIP Portal

iCallGlobe has recently made an announcement regarding the completion of its latest undertaking, primarily a VoIP telephony based website. The organisation presently offers white label telephony solut... mehr

18.03.08 - iCallGlobe Ltd.

iCallGlobe to be a part of Convergence India ‘08

iCallGlobe, one of the leading VoIP telephony providers based in the UK, is all set to take part in the 16th Convergence India 2008, the largest ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) event ... mehr

14.03.08 - iCallGlobe Ltd.

iCallGlobe drops its anchors on Indian shores

iCallglobe, one of the premier VoIP providers in the United Kingdom, is now looking forward to establish its entity in the Indian markets. After having a successful run in the B2B telephony services a... mehr

30.07.07 - iCallGlobe Ltd.

iCallGlobe - Leading VoIP Service Provider

iCallGlobe, an established U.K based VoIP service provider, has revamped its website to fashion itself as contemporary, interactive and user friendly, one that compliments the services ... mehr

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