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Blockchain: Shaping the Business of the Future!!

It won’t be wrong to say that the blockchain industry is in full swing and in the past year it has been searched more than any other keyword. It is commonly known as an append-only transaction ledger. What’s happening here is that the ledger can be easily updated with new data, but the already stored information in the block can’t be altered. The key that is being used in the

How to Choose a Reliable Cloud Service Provider?

Businesses nowadays are outsourcing IT systems, as they don’t want to handle the pressure of running systems and maintaining good quality simultaneously. But there are many providers in the market and you can easily get confused about choosing the best one amongst all. For this, you can follow a procurement process which includes appropriately weighing the characteristics of the cloud service towards your set of needs. In this

How Business Intelligence is Bridging the Gap Between IT & Business?

When we hear the word data, we think about implementation, permissions, latency, uptime, system maintenance, reports and spreadsheets. The thing is that data is related to insights and with them your business can grow at an exponential rate. One of the recent studies suggested that businesses that invest in BI (Business Intelligence) and analytics tend to grow faster and effectively. But, it has been observed that although 98% of the

All About Infrastructure Management!!

Companies nowadays are getting complex and even expanding rapidly. There are start-ups, MNCs, medium-sized businesses and more which depend on the latest technologies. But, with digital age comes new challenges and responsibilities. To overcome these, management and administration of the crucial operational elements is essential. The aim is to proactively utilize the technology, data and information. Such elements incorporate servers, computers, storage, networking, data, virtual and physical practices, and everything

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