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Tips to Protect Concrete Anchors From Damage

Damaging the threads on a concrete anchor during installation is a common cause of escalating costs and diminishing longevity of applications. Care must be taken not to damage the threads during installation. Awareness of several basic practices will result in protecting the wedge anchor threads, which will increase cost effectiveness on the job site.Protecting the threads on anchors by correct installation techniques will save both time and money. TIPS to Protect

Wilmington Machinery Supports Customers Looking For Equipment To Meet Requiremen …

The big take away from K Show 2019 is the serious discussions on the circular economy. This new business model is focused on finding the best way to reduce production energy / resources, ways to redesign products into reusable resources back either in a similar form or to develop new uses for them. While, public opinion seems to make this as something that should be easy to accomplish. Those who have

Venture Plastics Inc. Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Open House and Presentati …

Newton Falls, OH: Kenneth M. Groff founded Venture Plastics Inc. in October of 1969 in a small plant in Warren, Ohio. Today, Venture Plastics celebrated 50 years of continuous business with an open house for customers, suppliers and various members of the local community. Founder Ken Groff was presented the Key to the City by the Mayor of Newton Falls while many of his long-time employees participated in the event. “It

K 2019 Wilmington Machinery Booth 13B91-19

Wilmington Machinery Meets Customer Molding Needs In 2019 With Engineering Breakthroughs and Increased Molding Capacities. Learn more at the K Show 2019 Booth 13B91-19 Recently, Wilmington Machinery built and installed two vertical structural foam presses for a customer looking for a machine that was better option than a horizontal press. The customer wanted the advantages vertical presses provide: ease of mold setup, reduced mold costs, and reduced floor space. The two new

Choosing best fasteners for hollow and solid masonry

A masonry anchor’s holding values is directly related to the quality and type of base material that will be present in the application. The type of masonry will determine the specific masonry anchor needed for an application because the anchor will expand differently in these various masonry materials: · concrete · block · brick ·

Wilmington Machinery Introduces Series III B Rotary Blow Molding Machine

Today, blow-molding customers want new equipment to provide more than an improvement in molding. They need assurance the new equipment will also address current business operational challenges to help them remain competitive in the challenging marketplace. Some of these business issues include: high turnover of staff, need to reduced floor space and high level of vendor support during the machine’s lifetime. Beginning in 1979, Wilmington Machinery sought to perfect Rotary Blow


The Enclosure Store & More, online specialists in providing immediately-available enclosures for diverse industries, among many other enclosures: the Heartland polycarbonate series. The many satisfied users of Heartland enclosures included Redline Instruments, leaders in product design and applications in the oil and gas industry. Primary Redline Instruments products include multi-channel monitors, alarms and sensors to detect gas leaks; plus sensors to detect potentially harmful or explosive chemicals. More than eight years ago,

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