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"Less is More" reveals simplifying life is a pathway to happiness

The latest book by Pierre A. Kandorfer investigates why some of the poorest people in the world are also the happiest ones. What is the secret? The simple reason is that materialism with our overspending addiction doesn't make us happy at all. Millions of people are buying products with money they did not earn, acquiring stuff they didn't need, and purchasing items to impress people they didn't like. Our "more

Dead or Alive – Surviving the breakdown of our society

California City, CA. The latest book by Pierre A. Kandorfer analyzes the breakdown of our society and shows ways how to survive the most dramatic attack on our Constitution and our way of life. Like never before in Judeo-Christian history, the breakdown of our social structure suggests that we are in the process of losing everything close to our hearts: Our national identity, our liberties, our freedoms, our history, our

What is the purpose of my life?

A new book is searching for a life worth living California City, CA. The latest book by Pierre A. Kandorfer asks one of the most fundamental questions of all times. What is the purpose and meaning of our lives? Our world is a chaotic place. Most of us have the urge to find something "greater than ourselves," something that is immaterial. Millions of people feel unhappy, empty, lost, depressed. They

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