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Vivaldi says no to Google Idle API, improves Capture, Download Panel, Sync, adds …

OSLO, Norway - Oct 07, 2021: The new version - Vivaldi 4.3 - ticks the checkboxes of privacy and useful features that will help people make informed decisions and get work done faster. The refreshed Capture feature allows resizing of screenshot images, while a visually enhanced Download Panel helps to track the speed of downloads upfront. The improved Sync functionality will help people to access their data across computers and Android

The first browser to introduce a second level in the tab bar for managing tab gr …

OSLO, Norway - January 28th, 2021: The solution to too many tabs in a tab bar is here - a second tab bar in Vivaldi 3.6. Six years ago, in its first public appearance, Vivaldi unveiled Tab Stacks - the ability to group and manage tabs together. Now, Vivaldi introduces Two-Level Tab Stacks taking its tab functionality to the next level, literally. With Two-Level Tab Stacks, stacked tabs are displayed

Vivaldi browser introduces Break Mode: the new way to pause the Internet

OSLO, Norway - September 7th, 2020: The Vivaldi browser introduces Break Mode to help users unplug from continuous work - improving work-life balance and focusing on activities outside the browser. The new features in Vivaldi 3.3 also include a brand-new default Theme for Private Window and the ability to set a custom Theme for Private Window, allowing users to visually distinguish between regular and private windows. Users can crop and click

Vivaldi 3.0 arrives with Tracker Blocker, Ad Blocker, Clock and more.

One day. Two big Vivaldi browser releases. First Vivaldi Mobile release now available on Android. Includes new Tracker Blocker, Ad Blocker, Tab bar and more. OSLO, Norway - 22nd April 2020 - Vivaldi Technologies launches its biggest release this year - a new version Vivaldi 3.0 arrives on Windows, Mac and Linux computers and the much-awaited first version of Vivaldi launches on Android devices. Now that people are spending a lot more time

The Vivaldi browser improves Pop-out video

OSLO - February 12th, 2020: The Vivaldi Browser releases Vivaldi 2.11 - its first desktop update of the year. The latest version gives its users a new and improved Pop-out (Picture-in-picture) mode so that they can watch videos outside of the page they found them. Pop-out video easily When Vivaldi first launched the Pop-out video, the response was fantastic. For this release, Vivaldi decided to roll up their sleeves and revisit

Vivaldi browser 2.10: Unwraps better site compatibility through user agent chang …

OSLO - Dec 19th, 2019: The Vivaldi browser releases its new version, Vivaldi 2.10 - addressing a significant issue of the user agent that will provide its users the best website compatibility while browsing. Users can also match and even schedule their browser themes with the operating system of their devices. No "strings" attached: Better site compatibility with User Agent changes: Being a Chromium-based browser, Vivaldi should work on any website

Vivaldi 2.9: Adding more to the Vivaldi Menu

OSLO, Norway - Oct 31st, 2019: The new desktop version of the Vivaldi browser focuses on effective navigation, better usability, and snappier performance. Users can now access the browser's functionality quicker with the enhanced Vivaldi Menu and can also put a stop to unwanted website notifications. "Creating effective navigation is crucial for browsing. At Vivaldi, we look into every aspect of the browser to ensure better usability and performance. Good navigation

Vivaldi 2.7 : Bring more productivity to your day

OSLO, Norway - August 21st, 2019: The Vivaldi browser releases its new version Vivaldi 2.7 that continues to give its users a perfect tool to control and enjoy the Web on their terms. This update offers a more streamlined experience with overall improvements with better control of sound behavior, new options to access User Profiles quicker, an enhanced status bar as well as security related fixes. Mute Tab: This new option

Vivaldi 2.4: Next level Toolbar Customization

OSLO, Norway - 27th March 2019: The Vivaldi browser launches its new version Vivaldi 2.4 unlocking a new level of customisation in toolbars - unique functionality that lets users move or hide buttons with ease between selected toolbars. Vivaldi 2.4 also gives users new ways to manage and access their bookmarks, enjoy multiple user profiles and allows them to do simple calculations with its new built-in calculator. "Our goal has always

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