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03-14-2019 | Sports

Improve focus and how to keep your mind relaxed and nerves calm when playing gol …

So much of golf training is focused around swing technique and hours spent at the driving range. How does working on your mind’s ability to hold attention and focus have a positive impact on your over all golf performance? Improving your concentration skills while putting, your ability to swing calmly therefore accurately on target or upholding clear judgement even when the desired out come is not present. Physical activity like
03-07-2019 | Sports

The importance of physical health and how it improves your golf game

In golf both performance ( improving swing distance and club head speed) and health ( endurance levels, injury prevention, lower back pain) can be regarded as equally important. When considering training methods (golf conditioning/supplementary training ) improving the overall technical skill and physical ability we must look at improving the physical condition of the golf player. Training not only the isolated movements related to the golf swing but looking at
02-27-2019 | Sports

Improving your golf performance : How core strength helps to improve drive dista …

The core of our body is stabilised by a combination of muscles that function together. Knowing what contributes to core stability, together with a general understanding of which muscles make up the deeper layers and how they work together as a whole, can help to optimise game performance and reduce the possibility of injury. Building a strong core creates connection to the rest of your body, integrating the upper and lower

A Yoga Journey from Hong Kong to Central Switzerland

Yoga teacher Natalie Bopp has exchanged life in bustling Hong Kong for serene and calm central Switzerland. Find out why and more. Having made a profession of teaching Yoga for 15 years, Natalie joined one of the first yoga studios in Hong Kong and has seen first hand the growth and presence of Yoga gain popularity. “The energy from teaching groups of up to 80 people all working towards health

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