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PubHTML5 Offers Professional Digital Magazine Publishing Solutions

Many magazine publishers have caught on to the trend of digital publishing. They recognize the direction that technology is taking the world in, and they’re scrambling to catch up. One of the challenges many publishers face is finding the right tool to make their publications digital without breaking the bank. Now, PubHTML5 is here to take the guesswork out of digital magazine publishing ( The platform is free to use

PubHTML5 Unveils Its Flipbook Maker to Promote Properties Online

PubHTML5 is a resourceful partner for industries that need to expand their online reach. They can use the platform to create amazing flipbook designs that appeal to a broader audience base. PubHTML5 has now launched its new flipbook maker ( for real estate promotion. Realtors can leverage technology to transform and grow their real estate business. At every step of their marketing process, they can enhance their customer experience with

PubHTML5 Provides Page Flip Software to Flip a PDF on Mac

PubHTML5 recently released new page flip software ( to the market, which can be used to create interactive flipbooks on Mac. The new publishing software is also completely compatible with Windows operating system. “Our new page flip software is designed to be fully compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems,” states Jason Chen, Chief Technology Officer of PubHTML5. “We know that many people like to do their designing and publishing

PubHTML5 Provides a Platform for Creating Interactive HTML5 Flipbooks

PubHTML5 is the go-to company for software that helps to create interactive HTML5 flipbooks ( The software converts PDF files into HTML5 flipbooks that can be published online or viewed on all electronic devices. When downloaded, PubHTML5 allows users to create stunning HTML5 digital flipbooks such as catalogs, brochures, digital albums, newspapers, flyers, and magazines, among others. PubHTML5 is a software program used by many to give audiences an upscale experience

PubHTML5 Helps to Increase Website Traffic through the Sales Catalog Software

Catalogs help to showcase business products or services. They offer detailed information as well as relevant product images and specifications to help customers understand the products better before making a purchasing decision. To reach broader audiences, digital catalogs should be designed in a spectacular way that makes audiences feel involved. The internet is currently the ideal platform for marketing products and services, and e-catalogs can help in boosting brand visibility.

Designers Rejoice as PubHTML5 Releases Its HTML PDF to Brochure Converter

PubHTML5, a market leader in digital publishing, has publicly released its flagship HTML PDF to brochure converter- PubHTML5 enables publishers to craft stunning digital brochures that are readily distributable across social media platforms, e-commerce portals and smart phone applications hosted across both iOS and Android ecosystems. As a top-of-the-line HTML PDF to brochure converter, PubHTML5 allows for creation of spectacular interactive elements imitating the real-world flipping of a brochure page. The

PubHTML5 Provides a Multifaceted Online PDF to Catalog Converter for Business

The online PDF to catalog converter- from PubHTML5 works wonders when it comes to creating intriguing catalogs that readers will instantly love. When going through catalogs, readers often look for informative, detailed, and vivacious content that provides solutions to their needs. In most cases, they will only flip to the next page when the previous one sparked their interest. PubHTML5 has just the right tools, features, and functionalities that users

PubHTML5 Enhances Digital Marketing through PDF Flipbook for WordPress

Millions of websites use WordPress to enhance their digital marketing efforts. And one way to promote these websites is by creating stunning digital flipbooks that can be embedded in WordPress. PubHTML5 offers a professional PDF flipbook for WordPress: that allows marketers to expand their horizons and enhance brand awareness. The software has tools that help to design impressive page turning projects that will offer viewers a delightful viewing experience. Using

PubHTML5 Offers a Flipping Book Publisher for Mac that Enables Sharing

The flipping book publisher for Mac: from PubHTML5 allows users to publish SEO optimized flipping books that are accessible on various platforms. Every enterprise wants to create SEO friendly flipping books in order to gain a more extensive outreach. Digital flipping books can enhance site visibility and direct more traffic to websites. It is essential that enterprises ensure their brands are well marketed to raise conversion rates. The flipping book

PubHTML5 Launches a New Photo Book Maker for Mac

Due to digital transformation nowadays, people take more and more photos to capture wonderful moments, but photos are usually stored in the phone and in the form of files on the computer hard drive. However, sometimes they have to remove their memorable photos from the phone due to lack of space. To solve this problem, PubHTML5 has introduced an online photo book maker for Mac: to transform photos to a

PubHTML5 Offers a PDF Flipping Book Plugin to Ensure Animated Flipping Books

PubHTML5 provides a resourceful marketing solution to businesses and marketers utilizing their feature-filled PDF flipping book plugin- The software enables them to customize their projects using available tools to develop stunning digital flipping books within a short time. The PDF flipping book plugin has incredible built-in options that allow users to integrate special functionalities such as hotspots, links, videos and more to generate digital flipping books with beautiful visuals. Engaging

PubHTML5 Provides Marketing Avenues through the 3D Catalog Maker Software

PubHTML5 has stepped a notch higher in their efforts to empower publishers to create reactive digital publications. The 3D catalog maker software- offered by PubHTML5 is a wonderful software program that allows users to create engaging e-catalogs with page flipping effect. Enterprises and marketers use the software to design product catalogs that will give readers all the information about their brands and products. The built-in user interface helps to produce

PubHTML5 Announces the Launch of Its Flipping Book Tool for Mac

PubHTML5, a leading provider of digital publishing software, has publicly released its acclaimed flipping book tool for Mac- Beginning now, Apple users will be able to generate visually stunning digital flipping books using PubHTML5 flipping book tool for Mac. After an immensely successful web-based version and a Windows desktop application, the industry-leading tool has now been made available across devices running macOS, namely products from Apple’s MacBook and the iMac

PubHTML5 Tagged as a Perfect PDF to HTML Converter for Mac. Here's Why!

PubHTML5 is now facing an overwhelming acceptance from its target users as it has recorded a double number of downloads and usages this year. PubHTML5 is now tagged as the most widely used PDF to HTML converter for Mac- When asked about the massive downloads of PubHTML5 as a PDF to HTML converter for Mac, the Chief Designer of PubHTML5, Anna Lee, said, "PubHTML5 always goes beyond the average so

PubHTML5 Releases the Best Free Digital Publishing Platform of 2019

The world popular digital publishing platform- called PubHTML5 enables all the users to use the amazing features of the platform and make flipping books. This is a new way for startup companies to attract audiences to their brands without spending thousands of dollars. Regardless of business industry, now all company owners have a privilege to use PubHTML5 for advertising purposes. Since the modern people spend most of their time on

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