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Animiz's Free Animation Software Is Changing the Way People Create Videos

Animiz is a pacesetter when it comes to video software development. The company keeps innovating to bring in new products into the digital markets. Recently, Animiz announced its free animation software ( for March 2020 to allow enterprises, marketers, and individuals to communicate their stories through stunning animation videos. The company allows users of all skill levels across industries to create compelling videos with powerful media elements, animations, and content.

FlipBuilder Rolls Out Its Flip PDF for Creating Children Animated Books

FlipBuilder is the number one digital software developer who keeps up with emerging technologies to bring the best products to the market. The company has just launched its newest Flip PDF software for creating animated books ( for preschoolers. Animated books offer children better learning opportunities by developing their attention span. Educationists can use the software to design e-books according to the scholars' learning capacity to enhance their understanding. By

Animiz Guides Users on How to Make a Cartoon Video With Its Cartoon Creator

Animiz, popularly known for changing the narratives in the video production industry, has revealed how to make a cartoon ( video with its cartoon creator. The company says that the new cartoon creator software will see users create cartoon videos quickly and easily in a short time. In the words of Jason Chan, manager of Animiz, “We did thorough research to ensure that the difficulty faced by many cartoon video producers

Animiz Unveils an Online Animation Maker for Creating Stunning Videos

Animiz, with its acclaimed expertise in software development, announced the launch of its online animation maker ( to make animation easy for users. The company provides a wide range of tools and features for designing captivating animation videos for business marketing, product promotion, sales, and advertising, among many other purposes. The animation videos created can be optimized for mobile and search engine use. Animiz has experts in various fields, including software

Animiz Launches an Animation Video Maker for Making Immersive Short Videos

Animiz, the world leading innovative software developer, has rolled out a major update to its animation video maker for making short videos. The newly upgraded animation video maker ( provides people with an easy way to design, publish, and share their business concepts through short videos. Animiz develops top grade software technology that provides end to end digital marketing solutions to entrepreneurs, entertainers, and educators. Their animation video maker helps

Animiz Launches a Lyrics Video Maker with Synchronized Music

Animiz proudly announced the release of its lyrics video maker ( for video marketing. The company has been at the forefront of providing solutions to its clients. Animiz continues to support enterprises, individuals, and marketers with solutions to design, publish and share their videos with target audiences online. Animiz helps users improve their customer engagement efforts through video marketing. Users can create lyrics videos with background music and scrolling

Animiz Achieved Quality Digitization by Launching Its Cartoon Maker

As Animiz has gained popularity throughout the years, it never stopped exploring for more ways to upgrade its standards as an entity in the software development industry. This time, Animiz has once again impressed many people from various professions as it launched the Animiz cartoon maker ( What was once a plan has now been materialized when the company provided people an easy access to a cartoon maker that will

Animiz Unveils Free Animation Software for Creating Interactive Video Courses

Animiz, the world leader in software development, today announced the launch of its free animation software ( for creating amazing video courses. The animation software advances the capabilities of educators to design stunning video courses for both in-class and long distance learning purposes. Animiz has become a reliable source of animation software that transforms the way educators present learning material to their audiences. The free animation software allows them

Animiz Releases a Birthday Video Maker That Helps to Strengthen Relationships

Animiz, a technology company using innovative expertise to develop cutting edge software, is pleased to announce the release of its birthday video maker ( that strengthens relationships between friends, acquaintances and loved ones. Surprise birthday videos are sincere and fun ways to show appreciation and love. Animiz is officially taking software technology by storm with innovations of software for every purpose. The company brings a host of new software features

Animiz Made a New Update to Its Cartoon Animation Maker to Enhance User Experien …

Animiz, one of the fastest growing video creation platforms that let everyone create animated videos easily and quickly without having any prior knowledge of video making, today announced a revolutionary update to its cartoon animation maker ( The new update is primarily focused on enhancing the user experience. Animiz loves to hear from their customers, and after knowing existing customer are facing some issues with the software, the team immediately

The Newly Released Animiz Animation Movie Maker Revives Viewer Interest

Animiz is pleased to release a new animation movie maker ( with multiple cartoon characters. The new software aims to allow users to create an incredible complexity to their animation movies when well executed. Various characters give multiple points of views of concepts, and they also tend to keep narratives exciting and fresh. Animiz has made tremendous strides in its efforts to develop innovative software for multiple industrial applications. By recognizing

Animiz Launches a Cartoon Video Maker That Addresses E-Learning Needs

Animiz, the leading software development company focused exclusively on helping educators improve their teaching techniques, just released an innovative cartoon video maker ( for e-learning. The cartoon video maker is enhanced with advanced features and functionalities that e-learning professionals can take advantage of and create interactive and engaging online training programs. With years of research and experience, Animiz has developed various animation video and presentation software for business, education and entertainment

Animiz’s Cartoon Maker Is Now Available for Teachers

After successful evaluations, Animiz has finally released a cartoon maker ( that will help users create teacher cartoons that enhance teaching methods. Animiz is committed to improving the user experience and upgrading its software to accommodate all industries. Animiz connects teachers with their students to overcome their teaching challenges and help students synthesize and retain information through cartoon videos. The interactive cartoon maker allows teachers to engage students while

Animiz Named One of the Best Animation maker in 2019

A group representing individuals, businesses, and organizations that use animation makers recently honored Animiz, a revolutionary animation maker ( developed by Animiz Software Co.., Ltd. that changed the narratives among software used for creating animations. Animiz was recognized as a top animation maker in 2019 after a comparative analysis of various similar animation makers. Speaking on the recent recognition of the animation maker, Jason Chan, manager of Animiz, said it was

Animiz Rolls out a Cartoon Video Maker to Simplify Video Production

Animation appears to be taking the world by storm, from the entertainment space to the marketing and business scene. In fact, with global software developer Animiz recently rolling out its cartoon story maker software( reduce video production hassles, animated videos seem to be here for the long haul! By using the cartoon story maker software, users will be in a better position to make their advertising videos, cartoon presentations, and

Animiz Cartoon Video Maker Showcased More Exciting Sample Videos in Gallery

In order to inspire Animiz users to get the most out from the cartoon video maker’s ( features, the company has loaded their website with more stunning and interesting sample presentations and cartoon videos. It was just recently when Animiz released additional case videos with various titles, themes and contents. Educational cartoon video presentations with interesting topics on business ideas, fashion, food, culture, tourism, entertainment, etc. were showcased for viewing

Animiz Animation Movie Maker Goes Live in June

Animiz Software Co., Ltd., a global leader in software development focused on developing superb animated video presentation software for individuals, businesses and organizations, will be releasing an animation movie maker (, Animiz in June this year. The software addresses several issues users of existing animated movie creation software face. “We have taken time to study other existing animation movie makers and discovered it takes users days to create an animation movie.

Animiz Free Cartoon Movie Creator Enables Users to Illustrate Their Ideas Vividl …

Cartoon characters are versatile and can fit into all marketing activities and enhance their effect. Whether they are company presentations, explainer videos, advertising, and blog articles, cartoons help to convey the right messages to audiences. The Animiz free cartoon movie creator ( allows users to use their imagination when creating cartoon movies for business marketing. The software gives them control without limiting their creativity to produce the traits and looks

Animiz Promotional Video Creator Software Comes at a Perfect Time

Animiz announced the release of their promotional video creator software ( for use by enterprises in business promotion. The software comes at a perfect time when enterprises are competing to gain supremacy in the competitive digital market. The promotional video creator software is user-friendly and allows users to introduce their businesses, products and services vividly through videos. Enterprises can use the diverse templates of image backgrounds to decorate their promotional

Animiz Launches Cartoon Presentation Software with the Hand-Drawn Animation Effe …

Animiz, a world leader in software development, recently released its cartoon presentation software ( with the hand-drawn animation feature. The new feature has been an intriguing addition that helps to increase the flair in cartoon presentations. The hand-drawn feature is unique and can make cartoon presentations distinct, dynamic and eye-catching. Audiences will remain inspired and eager to get more information about the presentations. With this feature, users have the chance

Animiz Video Tutorial Simplifies How to Make Cartoon Videos on Computer

Animiz released a video tutorial on YouTube to help people learn how to make cartoon videos on a computer ( Users can use the tutorial to create cartoon videos from their computers in an instant. Animiz never disappoints when it comes to users’ experience. The company always caters to clients’ needs to ensure that they have the tools and features needed to make their work easier. The video tutorial is

Animiz Develops Animated Video Editing Software for Use in Diverse Industries

Animiz is the most sought after software development company based in China. The company develops cutting edge animated video editing software ( for use in diverse industries for business marketing, education, entertainment, and management, among others. Their products come with comprehensible tutorials that users can follow to create and edit their animated videos. The animated video editing software comes with loads of features such as element settings, scene settings, animation

Animiz Releases Its Desktop Animation Software for Windows

Animiz Software Co., Ltd. announced the launch of its new desktop animation software ( for all Windows users. The launch comes at the right time when windows users need professional software that can design eloquent animated video presentations through their desktops. The desktop animation software is free to download and has plenty of enhanced tools and features that are easy to use. Marketers, educators and entrepreneurs can utilize this software

Users Can Showcase Brand Personality with Animiz Free Explainer Video Maker

Explainer videos help to take audiences through presentations in real time. Users can design explainer videos that work best for their target audiences using the free explainer video maker ( from Animiz. Their creations can explain business processes, benefits of their brands or products, pitch their services and much more. Producing explainer videos at Animiz is very easy with clear tutorials that are comprehensible even to amateurs. Marketers can use

Everyone Can Use Animiz to Convert PowerPoint to Video

Animiz empowers users to effectively present their PowerPoint concepts through video presentations to their audiences. Users can convert PowerPoint to video ( and save their creations in multiple formats that can be viewed on various media players. They can add unique and engaging features like audio narrations, graphics, videos, animations, 3D and virtual reality content and more to make their videos more understandable. For a broader distribution of their projects,

Users Can Design Compelling 3D Videos with Animiz 3D Cartoon Maker

Business, technology, education and other animation projects require unique and innovative presentations of their ideas, concepts or stories to achieve effective content marketing. Animiz has plenty of templates that users can utilize when designing their 3D cartoon videos. The 3D cartoon maker ( comes with powerful features such as animation effects, decoration effects, character customization features and more for creating animated videos for business marketing, branding and product promotion, among

Users Can Highlight Important Points with Animiz Animation Video Maker

Animation videos are rich and engaging mediums that help enterprises explain their products to customers. Animiz provides a free animation video maker ( for creating professional animation videos. Designers, developers and marketers can use the pre-designed templates to design interactive animation videos for marketing. Animiz has libraries of media tools and elements including images, callouts, shapes, animated roles and more to create highly engaging animation videos. The software also has

Animiz Whiteboard Animation Creator Helps Users Design Engaging Videos

Whiteboard animations portray products, services and any other aspects of business in a fun and informational way. They can explain difficult concepts in a fashion that is understood easily. Animiz provides a whiteboard animation creator ( that helps enterprises generate sales, train their employees or explain their services to consumers using whiteboard videos. Whiteboard explainer videos created at Animiz help to market brands and products since they offer detailed information

Animiz Releases a New Update for Its Cartoon Video Creator

Animiz, the world leader in software development, announced a new version of its cartoon video creator ( on May 8, 2019. The upgraded version comes with more amazing features such as voice changing feature, custom sequence diagram roles, audio merging feature, options for optimizing sound editing and much more. Users will have plenty of additional tools to design perfect cartoon videos for their business, education and more. With improved features,

Animiz 3D Cartoon Animation Maker Helps Marketers Communicate Their Brands to Vi …

Cartoons are visual mediums that engage audiences and help them understand and interpret various situations. They also offer education as well as entertainment to viewers. Animiz provides 3D cartoon animation maker ( with pre-designed features including backgrounds, animated characters, templates, images, and animation effects, among others. Their software is user-friendly and can be published in multiple formats for ease of sharing. Users can utilize their creativity through the tools

Animiz Got the Best Timeline Feature Than any Other HTML5 Animation Tool

Time is always of the essence when making a sales call, presenting ideas or closing deals with clients. In business, each second counts and thus, many idea presenters and sellers will surely find relief of having an HTML5 animation tool- that could give a truly comprehensive timeline feature. Fortunately, most of them found dynamism and ease of use with Animiz HTML5 animation tool. Animiz is, by far, the most preferred HTML5

Animiz Provides Promotion Video Software for Statistic-Enhanced Presentations

Animiz provides enterprises and marketers with a lasting solution to help promote their products using animated video presentations. The promotion video software- empowers users to design enterprising videos that capture viewers’ attention. It comes with plenty of background images and templates for styling, decorating and making the videos more captivating. Users can use the rich tools and features from the software to personalize their video presentations with custom colors, content,

Animiz Publicly Releases Its Video Software for Small Business

Video presentations are grabbing people’s attention more than anything else. What attracts them the most is the animation used which makes the presentation easy to understand. This is the major reason of the shift of businesses from traditional marketing methods to video presentations. A video presentation is not only used for marketing purposes as it can be used for training staff in an organization and other purposes. Creating a video

Animiz Reveals Top Secrets of Its Best Business Video Editing Software

Animiz Software Co., Ltd., one of the global leaders in software development, recently revealed top secrets of the best business video editing software-, Animiz. For professional video editors and companies that edit videos, this software is known to be one of the best for editing videos, creating presentations and animations. This is because of the different features which the software has. Though this is public knowledge, The manager of Animiz,

Animiz Provides Cartoon Animation Software for Enterprises and Educators

Animiz provides free cartoon animation software- that allows users to design cartoon videos in the simplest way possible. The software comes with pre-designed components such as animation effects, backgrounds, animated characters, scenes, images, and templates, among others. It has powerful drag-and-drop functionality that makes video creation a straightforward process. The animation effects enable users to make vivacious and engaging videos by adding roles to their creations. The cartoon animation software

Animiz Releases Desktop Animation Software to Help People Create Animated Videos

Most of the businesses and professional firms turn to animated presentations when they are in need to inform, educate and persuade audiences. The purpose of developing such a presentation can be different like it can be built to train the staff or to grab public attention. Not every individual is good at creating an animated presentation that is capable of grabbing people’s attention at first. In the past, it was

Animiz Exhibits Matchless Features for a Whiteboard Animation Maker

Animiz is a whiteboard animation maker- which has become more popular today because of the company’s efforts to campaign about maximizing the use of Animiz and its features. Recently, Jason Chan, manager of Animiz, expressed his thoughts as he took pride in how Animiz turned out to be the most downloaded whiteboard animation maker today. He said with confidence that, “Animiz is created and delivered to its clients with full

Animiz Offers an Animation Video Maker that Enhances Product Marketing

Developing video presentations using the animation video maker from Animiz has never been easy. The sophisticated technology is magical and can work with any music, mathematical formulas, and voice recordings. This makes it ideal for business marketing, educational ventures, events, entertainment and much more. The animation video maker- creates engaging video presentations and GIF animations for professional use. It comes with loads of animations and functional effects, backgrounds, shapes, transition

Animiz Improves Digital Marketing through Its Animated Video Making Software

Many enterprises today strive to take their business to the next marketing level in order to measure up to the competition. One way of accomplishing such goals is by creating animated videos using the animated video making software- from Animiz. Video presentations are widely becoming marketing tools for corporates, educators and entertainers. By fusing technology, art, and science, users can create entertaining, engaging and informative presentations that audiences can relate

Animiz Users Highlight the Animated Explainer Video Maker's Best Features

Animiz users are unstoppable from giving endless compliments about the animated explainer video maker’s features that absolutely satisfied their demands. Everyone who wants to sell out their ideas and concepts to clients would need no less than a presentation material about what they want to say. Through the years, visual aids have evolved into more engaging ones. There are many tools available online that presenters can use to make presentations more

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