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Substance Rehabilitation Focuses On Home Based Alcohol Detoxification

Liverpool, UK - Substance Rehabilitation was established in October 2017 to provide a hugely in-demand service to assist those with substance misuse issues. According to the Director of, Fenella Price, “Our Admissions Consultants are not only highly trained but possess first-hand experience in their field to help source the right Treatment Centre regardless of how this disease is manifesting itself.” Our consultation function acts to eliminate as much uncertainty

Substance Rehabilitation Services Including A Focus On Intervention

Liverpool, UK - Are you or someone you are close to caught in the misery of Substance Addiction - destructive, cyclical behaviour with no apparent solution? It is a terrifying predicament and one which can consume an individual or entire family. Such a nightmare situation can develop silently over a period of weeks, months or years and once a certain invisible line has been crossed the damage can appear irreversible. It

Substance Rehabilitation: An outline of In-Patient Addiction Treatment for Drug …

Liverpool, UK – Drug and Alcohol dependency is widely recognised as a disease whereby addicted persons continue to abuse substances despite harmful consequences. Prolonged use causes extensive chemical changes in the brain drastically altering behaviours and frequently rendering users unable to operate effectively without a given substance. According to the Director of, Fenella Price, “The chronic nature of the disease makes it difficult, but not impossible to combat. Once

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