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How to Backup Files Easily

The most common cause of data loss is not a computer or hard drive crash but accidental deletion or erroneous overwriting of a file. Therefore, a backup software creating automatically backups of each modified file in the background can save a lot of trouble in such cases. A continuous data protection automatically backups the most important data in the background and creates various generations (older versions) of each file. A

Decision Making Tool Simplifying the Decision Making Process

Daily life can sometimes be very complex. Regularly, we have to take decisions, short-term, long-term, far-reaching and comprehensive ones. Would it not be of advantage to have a decision-making tool simplifying the decision-making process? Issues in the private, as well as in professional life, can impose decisions that are complex, time consuming and far-reaching: Shall I change my job? Which profession shall I choose? Which car shall I buy? Is

Print Directory Structure, Copy to Clipboard and Eport into Word, Excel or HTML …

There are always situations in which a file list should be created in no time, a directory structure printed or a folder list exported to Excel. Depending on the requirements, the Windows Explorer will not suffice and an alternative is needed. The software tool Directory List & Print Pro, developed by Infonautics GmbH, is very helpful here and due to the many features offered by this software nearly any demand will

Desktop Ruler For Accurate Measurements On The Screen

An easy to use screen ruler is an important screen design tool for software developers, web designers and screen designers alike. However, a pixel accurate positioning of the ruler on the desktop with the mouse is often tricky and cumbersome. Here helps Screen Ruler 2D and allows easy and fast a pixel accurate measuring of the desktop. With Screen Ruler 2D the software company INFONAUTICS GmbH has just launched a desktop

Customer Satisfaction Survey Made Easy

For many companies the customer satisfaction as well as the employee satisfaction are an important benchmark in order to verify and improve own processes and services. Regular satisfaction analyses belong as an essential part to the internal quality management. Often however, such surveys involve great effort and considerable costs. The innovative survey software InfoWiz®, developed by INFONAUTICS GmbH Steinhausen/Switzerland, helps you save time and money. The survey software InfoWiz®

Print the directory structure and folder contents easily, copy to clipboard and …

There are different possibilities to print the directory tree and folder list. There is either the option to do it by a command line instruction or to use an additional software tool. Fast, easy and useful support hereto provides the software "Directory List & Print Pro". Upon a successful launch of the freeware "Directory List & Print" Infonautics GmbH has now put an advanced Pro version as shareware on

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