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FORUM International Variations Conference - The new Variation Regulation

On 10 June 2008, the EU member states approved the new commission regulation on variations. FORUM, as one of the leading Conference and Seminar Specialists in Europe informs about this regulation and gives an overview over the work-sharing procedure among the authorities according to the regulation. It also shows the upcoming best practice guidelines of the CMD(h) and the electronic submission of variations. The speakers are experts from three national

Conference In Mumbai on: Successful Mergers and Acquisitions for Indian Investor …

Until recently, Indian companies were effectively barred from investing abroad and for various reasons remained reluctant to invest in continental Europe following the relaxation of the regulatory environment. The picture has changed dramatically in the last few years. Indian companies are aiming at enlarging their international industrial footprint. The solution to quickly establishing international distribution channels and market access, to benefiting from well-known brand names in premium markets and to gathering

Globalization: Future challenges for the plant and seed industry-International C …

Global agricultural markets are undergoing unprecedented growth, triggered by a sharp rise in commodity prices over the past 1-2 years due to the increasing demand for agricultural products for food, feed, and biofuels. Recent publications, predict that this structural change in demand will keep commodity prices high for the foreseeable future. The consequence is a major challenge and opportunity for the plant and seed industry in both established and emerging

Marketing Authorisation in the Middle East: Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, S …

The countries of the Middle East are sometimes underestimated as attractive markets for pharmaceuticals. A thorough knowledge of the local marketing authorisation systems is essential in order to successfully get a foothold in these markets. A seminar presented by FORUM Institut für Management addresses these requirements and gives useful hints for the dialogue with the relevant local authorities. The seminar takes place on December 4th, 2007 in Frankfurt (Germany) Further information about

Basic PCT Formalities Course

The german Forum Institute for Management expandes continuously all over Europe. Its prosperous seminar \"Basic PCT Formalities Course\" ist now also arranged in Athens. The purpose of this seminar is to inform the participants how to prepare an international application for filing under the PCT and subsequently monitor the consecutive procedural steps, time-limits and payment of fees in the PCT international phase up to and including entry into the national

The EPC 2000: - Changes in Substantive Patent Law and Procedural Patent Law, Req …

Since the conclusion of the EPC in 1973, a number of deficiencies as well as many proposals for improvement had been noted. In 1998 the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation agreed on a catalogue of legal and technical points for revision. The nearly one hundred proposals for changes to the EPC were collected in a Basic Proposal for the Revision of the EPC, approved by the Administrative Council

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