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New tax form 1040 - mobile application

That you lived in an era of change! - Confucius This expression of Confucius is a very terrible prophecy in the east. Rules change, laws change, and all law-abiding citizens face enormous challenges. This year, the US Tax Service prepared a great gift. In 2019, all US citizens will fill out a new form 1040. For business and for wealthy Americans, this is not a problem. They will simply pay for the services

AI vs Lawyers?

Only a professional lawyer can train a professional neural network. We have only three spots for lawyers in our company. Preparing of any legal document starts from understanding what type of document you need. It can be negotiation letters, petition, notice, building permit, complaint, agreements between businesses for the purchase of products, tax declaration or one of many other document types. After that, you hire a lawyer or buy a blank

Why one billion dollars equals zero.

Citizens of America spend hundreds of billions of dollars filling out tax returns every year. According to the assurances of the US tax service, American citizens spend 160 billion on tax reporting.According to the result of independent research, hidden costs are higher and reach $ 500 billion or more. If you solve the problem of corporate tax reporting only professionals and the future of artificial intelligence.Then fill out a tax return for

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